Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We Have Liftoff (finally)

Okay, so this time it actually worked, and I have a full pattern repeat done with out mishap. I'm enjoying this pattern a lot. It knits up nice and quick in the 8ply (once you get started), and the cable is simple without being boring. Also, Hubby approves, and seeing as how they are for him, that might be considered a plus.


jp said...

Fantastic Recovery Kate.

They look fantastic.

amy said...

Is this the Yarn Harlot's pattern? I like those colors quite a bit.

Rose Red said...

Love that orange yarn (I'm on a bit of an orange kick at the moment, not sure why as it is a colour I don't wear - I just love it though!)

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

JP - Thanks, I felt like such an arse making a rookie mistake like that.
AMY - Yep, that's the Earl Grey pattern from the Harlot.
ROSE RED - not to get pedantic or anything, but they are most definitely NOT orange! They are brick red. Not red-red, not terracotta, nor any other colour you might think to call them. Brick red is a manly colour, having connotations of manual labour and suchlike. Other shades of red or orange do not have such associations, and are therefore girly.
Bloody finicky men.
It is a great colour, though.