Monday, October 29, 2007

Bride of Franken Socks!

Warning: References to sock cannibalism in this post!

Once upon a time a novice sock knitter, very pleased with her first few pair of socks, fell in love with a beautiful purple 100% wool baby yarn.

This knitter had read enough sock knitting posts to know that baby yarn alone would be too delicate to last long as a pair of socks. So she combined the lovely purple yarn with a sturdy yarn in the heels and toes. The knitter was very happy with her handiwork and wore her purple socks proudly.

Not long into this loving relationship, the knitter discovered the delicate purple baby yarn was wearing thin at the back of the ankle. The knitter’s choice of work shoes was the fiend in this melodrama. The knitter lovingly darned the purple socks and checked them weekly for wear.

At last the knitter had to admit her beloved was beyond repair and destined for sock-heaven. But the knitter could not bear to part with her beloved. She had read of replacing heels and amputated sock feet re-knit with new yarn. The lovely purple baby yarn in the calf of the beloveds would “live” again!

The knitter combined the lovely purple yarn with more sock yarn to create the Bride of Franken Socks! To be continued . . .

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Rose Red said...

Ha! you have more patience than me - I would have just made new socks!!