Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I reviewed my list of SSoS challenges the other day and realised I was not doing so great.

So I took this:
And made this:Read all about it here!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Three! I can has three!

I have three pairs to show off! Well, only two of them are really SSS socks - the others are a ring-in. First, the Fruit Salad Socks:

These are Scarlet Fleece 'It's Tubular x 2' in colourway Popsicle. The pattern is 'Vog On from Knitty. I enjoyed knitting these very much!

My second pair has been dubbed Foyle's Socks:

This is Mega Boots Stretch. The pattern is a nice simple Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Finally, here are the ring-in pair. I actually started these mid last year and I finally got around to finishing them. My co-worker named them Eviscerated Seaweed:

This is the very wonderful Wollmeise Sockenwolle in 'Suzanne' colourway. The pattern is Broad Spiral Ribbing from More Sensational Knitted Socks. They don't really belong here because they were begun well before the knitalong, but I just wanted to show them off because they are so cool :) More pics on my blog.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Toe-Up Jaywalkers

Toe-Up Jaywalkers

These are my fourth completed pair and I'm still on target for my goal of one pair per month! I know I'm a little late to the Jaywalker party. I'd previously made a start on these a few months back but frogged them when I realized they were never going to fit over my ankle. (The pattern is notorious for its lack of stretch.) I later decided to use the toe-up mod instead, so I could better judge the fit and length as I went along. The yarn is Vesper Sock Yarn in the "Tartan" colourway, which I thought would suit the zig-zagginess of the pattern nicely. I knitted them two-at-a-time on two 2.75mm circs, and I used Judy's Magic Cast-On to start the toe. The zig-zag pattern is actually really easy to do and takes two seconds to memorize, but it does make for some odd pooching where you switch from zig-zag to straight stockinette. The worst part of the construction was trying to figure out where to start the gusset increases; the pattern doesn't really tell you so I had to guess and I ended up reknitting it three times. The reverse turned heel is very nice though, and it seems to be a good fit. I'll give these an 8 out of 10!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

thank you so much

Here is my prize for the pre-Christmas sock competition. I'm a bit slow in showing the pictures as I had to wait till it was collected from my son's PO box in suburb where they used to live. However, they were over that way yesterday and brought this home.

This is what came from Helen at Knitting Inspirations. There is some absolutely gorgeous yarn and accessories over there, so take a look. Link is also in this blog's sidebar.

The yarn feels wonderful and I am going to save it till I find the very pattern to do justice to it. The colours are lovely as well, and can you see how the accessories all are colour coordinated with the yarn. It was difficult to get the colours right in the photo, so this is an approximation. The second picture is more accurate in colour. The top one is too mauve. These are soft, dusky pinks. My first thought was the pink of the Major Mitchell cockatoos which I have always loved. Then last night we had a superb sunset. There were quite a few clouds and they were all in these colours with a tinge of gold on the edges. So Australian and just beautiful.

There is a packet with some needle holders, a sweet little Lantern Moon keyring in similar colours to the yarn, little markers, also in pinks with tiny flowers and some 2.5 mm dpns in bamboo, again a favourite. I used to use longer dpns but since I started to use this length about a year ago, the longer ones feel like crowbars.

I'm thrilled with everything and Helen has printed off a copy of the group's logo to make a notelet.

Why so many socks? As many of us have said, knitting releases stress and tension and is meditative. The last few months of last year were particularly icky and unpleasant. So I knitted. Since moving here, knitting has slowed down. The whole atmosphere here is lovely and I feel the stress going slowly. Of course there have been some unpleasant bits, but generally it is a place for healing. Since Christmas, this has been reflected in my knitting. Two separate socks have been done and I'm part way through the second sock of one of those pairs. Quite a difference.

So thank you once again.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

3 Pairs Finished!

I have been away from the computer for far too long due to moving house but I guess it had it's advantages because I managed to get some knitting done & I think I completed the challenge I set for myself. I'll have to check back on my older post to be a 100% positive. These Lorna's Laces in Black Purl colourway I started over a year ago are now finally finished. This pair I knitted for my daughter I used Jitterbug sock yarn which was purchased 12 months ago. I am happy to say that her boyfriend also liked his socks I made for him for Christmas. You may remember they were the ones I knitted in the Opal yarn when a work colleague remarked about people only like to wear grey socks. There's more about my finished socks on my blog.

Overdue post!

I did manage to finish the Shibui socks while we were still in Hawaii! Here's the finished pair, reclining in a hammock on the beach with my wedding bouquet.

Any wonder I didn't want to come home?!?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Socks on Holidays!

Sockers, it's time to announce our next competition! As foreshadowed, this one's about socks on holidays! We'd love to see pics of your socks relaxing on the beach, going to the pub, taking in afternoon tea at the Ritz, making a snow man, skiing down the slopes of Aspen...oh, sorry, that's my holiday I'm dreaming about (well, except for the skiing!)

This one will be decided by popular vote, so get those pictures in! We'll close off entries on Friday 15 February and vote the following week. Depending on number of entries, we might even have different categories (eg most scenic, funniest, most unusual etc)!

Some rules:

1. One photo only per person (although we might allow more depending on number of entries)

2. Send your photo to the SSoS email in sidebar with "Socks on Holiday Entry" in the title (so we don't miss anyone!)

3. Give us your name and blog name in the email as well - just to make it easier to track down the winner!

Feel free to make it as scenic, funny, iconic or whatever you wish!

And because my husband is a shameless butt photo poser, here are my latest socks at Terrigal.
Yes, they truly are cheeky monkeys!

My 7th Pair

I knitted this pair of socks for my nephew who is turning 4 - a really quick knit in 3 days !

Pattern : My own toe-up (magic cast on toe & short row heel)
Yarn : Lorna Laces leftover (Jeans colorway)
Needles : 2.5mm Addi bamboo dpns

Read more in my blog !

Back on my feet

This is the story of the four day tennis socks. I started them on Thursday night and had finished them by Lleyton Hewitt's match last night (Monday). Yep, I spent the entire time on the couch watching the tennis and crocheting these.

The pattern is minicluster lace socks from "Crocheted Socks" by Janet Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood. I used Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Heathered Loden which, if you haven't already tried it, is the most beautiful wool EVER to make socks with. Just my opinion.

More of the story, and a ridiculous photo, here.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally, second pair finished!

Lacy Mock Cables, done in Fortissima/Socka yarn in some brown/tan/gray colorway which I don't have the particulars on. These were a challenge for me to make, as a beginning sock knitter. They were the first pair I made that weren't just a plain rib and they turned out pretty well. There are a few mistakes in the second sock, which I attribute to the muscle relaxants I was on while knitting it! Max, my son's Pekingese was kind enough to model them.

Next pair is already cast on and the leg and heel are done. This new pair is going much more quickly.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Socks are still being knitted at Casa Tinkingbell!

Here are the finished Kaibashira socks!! I'm also partly done on my first Vog On - doing the gusset, and turning a Noropup into a spiral rib sock - pics later!

The Kaibashiras are knitted in Fleece Artist Somoko in the Pinata Colourway - love them love them!

Here is a qick pick of the finished secret socks - just to prove they exist.

Time for an up-date

Hey there. Haven't been on here for quite a while. I was in the land of Aus over the holidays. See my blog for news of our travels.

Haven't been doing a lot of sock knitting either. Have made some progress on my Kaffe socks. I'm nearly at the toe of this one. Have been making it on double-points and finding it a bit frustrating after using circulars. Seem to be back to making ladders again. Think I might put these socks at the top of my list this week after I finish my current WIP (Cherie from Rowan's Vintage Knits).
Have also been working on the monkey socks. Have finished the heel even though it is a pain to do heels with flaps on one circular. I know I could do short-row heels much more easily but how well do they wear. Also I'm not sure how to convert from one to the other.
I think the Monkeys are looking gorgeous especially in that yarn, Fleece Artist Merino I think.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My 6th Pair

Pattern : Crazy Monkeys
Yarn : A wool blend from Jolly Jumbuck
(was testing the yarn for Irene so not sure of the colorway
- visit her store & check with her)
Needles : Lantern Moon 2.25mm sox stiks
(I love these little needles)

Really love this pattern - it's easy to remember & knits up fast as there are no purl stitches. Read more on my blog.

Thanks heavens - a pair finished!

It's been ages since I posted a completed pair of socks, but here we are. Last night I finished my Rosebud ankle socks, and I am in love with socks again!

I used Kattwings yarn in Rosebud, and I bastardised a couple of patterns (one for the ribbed leg and another for the short row heel) and made the rest up as I went along.

For those who are wondering what crocheted socks feel like to wear, well they aren't as stretchy as knitted socks are so they look huge when you make them, and they are a little but more "bobbly" and give your foot a nice little massage as you walk along. But they are just lovely to wear, very warm and they keep their shape well if you make them to fit your foot snugly.

Next on the hook is some clustered lace socks in Cherry Tree Hill SS Heathered Loden. So far, so good! I'll keep you posted.


Finished Object

One more pair, this time for my aunt, because mum wanted me to knit something "normal". Well now that's just asking for trouble, so put the increases on top of the foot and shaped them like a diamond, very successful, so here is the finished pair, already on the way to Ballina.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lion Brand Magic!

This is my second pair. I had a goal over Christmas - knit one sock in one week whilst we were in Bundaberg and the second sock in the second week of our holidays whilst we were in Brisbane. I succeeded but I don't have any photos to prove I was knitting in either of those places for the 'Socks on holidays' challenge.

These Lion Brand Magic stripes were pretty easy to follow but ended up being a bit big. I apparently suck really bad at ribbing. You can sort of see in the pictures but I can't seem to make the ribbing very tight and it's all stretched out and not very nice really. The first sock I made a very loose cast on which ended up being too loose (I had read one to many tips about lose cast ons to avoid it being to tight to get on). Any hints?

I'd like my next pair of socks to be done on circulars. I've seen some people do them with 12" or 14" circulars but also Magic Loop and two circulars. Any recommendations on which would be good for a beginner who's never used circulars??


Them Socks, They Keep A-Growin'

A little over half of a plain vanilla stocking stitch sock and two-thirds of a Pomatomus. All the details are on my blog.

Finally.... A Pair FO

Okay, I think that makes 3 pairs of socks that I've made all up..... but I kinda can't remember!!!

These socks are for my daughter, the Princess.

The pattern is Donyale and the yarn is Lorna's Laces in 'Bittersweet'.

I've been making these for what seems like forever.... only because I got waylaid by a top-down jumper that I just had to start!!!

For more, check out my blog.


Socks that Don't Rock... pair 3.

Knitty's RPM out of lemongrass Socks that Rock lightweight. I'm not really in love with these guys; the toes don't jive with the shape of my foot, and there was some business involving my cats and the sock yarn that made these awfully stressful. Casting on for something new feels good!

Socks socks socks - is that all you ever think about?

Lately, I'm afraid the answer is pretty much yes. It's all about the socks...but then again, hasn't it always been so?

Some catching up to do on the sock posting front:

First, the MIL Christmas socks:
Lacy Mock Cable in Colinette Jitterbug, 3mm sticks - more details here.

Then, a gift for a bloggy friend who lives in Canada:
Log Cabin socks in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 3.75mm - magic loop - tick one off my SSoS goals! More details here.

Finally, and best of all, I think, my lovely matching but not Poma-t Shell socks:
Cookie A's Pomatomus and Nancy Bush's Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern, in The Knittery Merino Cashmere sock yarn, 2.75mm sticks. Read all about them and see more pics here.

Finally, an observation...I always seem to pose my socks with the toes pointing to the left. I don't know why, and in fact, only just noticed it as I posted these pictures. I wonder why it is so?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Presenting the amazing 5-day parrot socks!
Opal 6-ply rainforest in Papagei/parrot. don't look for too long or you might have a seizure.
Peace out
Ms Spider

Bless my cotton socks

More socks for the sock victim

Cascade cotton fixation on 3.5mm
Two at once on circular needles
Basket weave from Sensation knitted socks

Nearly ran out of cotton - well did just at the toe - Kris came to the rescue YIPPEE

Self Striped Socks another SSS completed.

I cast these on way back in November and quickly got bored with the stocking stitch. They are knitted in Lincraft Hot Socks yarn. I'm pleased with the final result but in future will avoid a plain stocking stitch sock. I did learn a new skill knitting these .. Breastfeeding and knitting at the same time!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Toddler Socks

Toddler socks

Here are a pair of socks that I just finished for my three year old. I didn't use any particular pattern, just basic toe-up socks, 36 sts around on 2.5mm circulars, short-row toes and short-row heels. The yarn is some Socks That Rock medium-weight left over from a previous sock project. Too good to waste, and I love the colours ("january one" colourway).

Working with leftover yarn gave me the problem of not knowing exactly how long I can make the socks. But thanks to digital kitchen scale, I just weighed the ball from time to time so I knew when to wrap things up. I'm glad it turned out to be a pair of decent sized socks!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long Time No Post!

I haven't posted in a while, because I moved from tropical paradise to the land of ice and snow and all my knitting has been focused on getting everyone's ears covered. Four scarves and eighteen hats later, I'm ready to get back to socks!

I received a TONNE of microspun yarn in every color and a whole set of all the common sizes of DPNs (in sets of FIVE, no less!) for the holiday! So I thought: now is the time to try that monkey sock that everyone is so hot about.

And you know what? I *intensely dislike* lace socks. I like my socks to be comfy, squishy, warm, and fitted to my arches if possible. Making a sock with holes in it ON PURPOSE was really upsetting me within two pattern repeats.

I like the toe-up method of sock construction, however, so it wasn't a total write-off. :) I frogged back to the toe, picked up my stitches, and am happily working up the foot of a new plain ribbed sock.

One thing I really like about making socks for myself (since I have never yet completed a pair for me) is that I can knit the soles of the socks in plain stockinette at the balls and heels of my feet, and ribbed all the way around for the four inches of high arch in the middle - making a snugly fitted sock for my oddly shaped feets. :D

I hope everyone is enjoying the Southern Summer!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Christmas Competition Winner!

Fellow sock knitters, we are happy to announce the winner of our 'Most Socks Knit for christmas' competition.

Our winner is the amazing Jan. She's done a fabulous job and submitted the following list:

Sirdar socks 24/12
celery zigzag 6/12
celery leaf/stem 1/12
men's bendigo 15/11
ashes socks 2/11
crosshatch socks 19/10
mosaic sock 8/10 (only one shown, but pair done.)
zokni socks 4/10

*raspberry ripple 3/12
*Finn's socks second pair 15/11
*Finn's first pair 31/10
*Morgans socks 21/10

* = child's pair

Jan, for her efforts, wins a box of goodies which was donated by our friends Ann and Helen at Knitting Inspirations. I'll leave it to Jan to display these when they arrive, but rest assured, it's a box full of wonders.

Stay tuned for another prize announcment some time this month and don't forget to submit photos of your socks on holidays all throughout January.

Bells & RoseRed

Friday, January 11, 2008

Shibui socks on holiday

I've been very slack about blogging my Shibui sock for the knitalong. I had all these wonderful intentions of taking pictures of the socks in progress in lots of US cities, but it just plain hasn't happened. I have got a lot of plane knitting pictures.
Sock one was started on the flight from San Francisco to New York.

And was worked on in the car between New York and Washington.

And again in a plane between Washington and Las Vegas.

Sock Number One was finished in Los Angeles, between blogger meets and Disneyland visits, where it attracted some fun attention. Sock Number Two visited with Minnie Mouse's knitting in her house at Disneyland's ToonTown.

And again on a flight, this time between Los Angeles and Honolulu.

As you can see, I'm also caught up on my podcasts!
I'm a little surprised at how much knitting I've gotten done, but most of it is due to flights and blogger meetups. It's been great, meeting so many people whose blogs I've read for such a long time. Just a week to go here in Hawaii, so maybe I'll be coming home with a finished pair. (And a big haul of new sock yarn!)

Random Knits

Smooth Monkeys!

Here are my latest pair of socks, cast on 4/1 and finished 10/1. Monkeys with no purls - I think they look really nice! Yay, they're mine! I took this photo then whipped them off - it's not too hot to knit socks, but it is certainly too hot to wear them!
Yarn - Trekking XXL, needles 2.25mm.


I just realised that I hadn't posted my latest sock to the blog here. It's actually a bit bigger than this, as I cast it on and took this pic nearly a week ago. Although, given the oppressive heat and the focus required by the pattern (Pomatomus by Cookie A.), it's not very much bigger.
Now I know you're gonna ask about the yarn, so let me just say it is a totally lickable, criminally squishy Merino/Optim blend specially dyed just for me by the apallingly clever Mandie at Ewe Give Me The Knits! She will soon have some hand-dyed luxury sock yarn blends like this available in her shop, so you should all take this for the blatant plug that it is, and go camp out on her website, ok?



Opal 6ply Rainforest in Parrot/Papagei for the boy.

Nice quick knit, knocked it over in two days and actually managed to do some other stuff too. Yarn is on sale here.

Peace out
Ms Spider

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i dont have a new pair of FOs to show, but i have been working on these jaywalkers so long, i thought i would post a pretty picture of them having a bit of a holiday, even though i have returned to 'work':

you can read the whole jaywalker saga on my blog.

k xx

Number Six off the Sticks

Not sure when I last posted, but I've recently finished pair number 6 - Cookie A's Pomatomus using Merino from The Knittery.

I started these in Sydney before Xmas; took them to Melbourne where the missus and I holidayed for a coupla weeks, then finished them back home.

I'm now halfway along the first sock for pair number 7 - Tidal Wave Socks using Tofutsies, which I'm really enjoying!