Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to Work (SSS and The Real Thing)

The Little Guys are done in a beautiful purple and teal colourway from the Knittery. Check her out here
Daphne's colours are beautiful and her sevice is incredible.

I used a garter stitch sole to ensure they will stretch as my niece grows over the next few months but otherwise followed the pattern exactly. They should last about 12 months size-wise.

I have just cast on a nother pair in the Noro Sock yarn acquired by the wonderful spiraling for a lot of us.

Off to knit some more socks. More at


Jan said...

They look great and I love the colour. I can judge size for all my grandchildren except the youngest. he has fat wide feet like his father's and they grow as quickly as his uncle's. Very hard to make something which fit beyond a month or so.

I'll second your comments abut Daphne's service and the wool and its colours. Very good indeed.

jp said...

I've found that using rib effect and patterns round and garter effect along the foot you get a good deal of stretch and growth for kids socks.

Otherwise they grow out in weeks/months.

Rose Red said...

These look great - and yes, love the Knittery!!