Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Something to Blog About

At last I have finished the 5th pair in my SSS Mission. I have also got 3 pairs actively on the needles again. Yay.

I finished a plain stockinette pair in The Knittery's Sea Breeze colourway after a couple of attempts at a very different pattern that I just couldn't get a fit around the ankles with - maybe for a pair of gloves?
My next pair is an adapted pair of little guys (Only a patial tally count I know) for my niece because she was over whilst I was knitting the ones above and was coming over to hug the sock every five minutes.
I also have some Cat Bordhi new architecture socks on the needles (I now have enough yarn to finish them) and another pair for dh in an Opal that is quite scratchy after the Socks that Rock and Knittery yarn.
Sock Block is over.....YAy! More at

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Rose Red said...

Mmm, nice stocking stich socks in a lovely yarn - simple and gorgeous!