Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long Time No Post!

I haven't posted in a while, because I moved from tropical paradise to the land of ice and snow and all my knitting has been focused on getting everyone's ears covered. Four scarves and eighteen hats later, I'm ready to get back to socks!

I received a TONNE of microspun yarn in every color and a whole set of all the common sizes of DPNs (in sets of FIVE, no less!) for the holiday! So I thought: now is the time to try that monkey sock that everyone is so hot about.

And you know what? I *intensely dislike* lace socks. I like my socks to be comfy, squishy, warm, and fitted to my arches if possible. Making a sock with holes in it ON PURPOSE was really upsetting me within two pattern repeats.

I like the toe-up method of sock construction, however, so it wasn't a total write-off. :) I frogged back to the toe, picked up my stitches, and am happily working up the foot of a new plain ribbed sock.

One thing I really like about making socks for myself (since I have never yet completed a pair for me) is that I can knit the soles of the socks in plain stockinette at the balls and heels of my feet, and ribbed all the way around for the four inches of high arch in the middle - making a snugly fitted sock for my oddly shaped feets. :D

I hope everyone is enjoying the Southern Summer!!


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Rose Red said...

One of the greatest things about knitting socks - made perfectly to fit!