Monday, January 7, 2008

getting there

Hiya ladies. It's almost like i'm living here again, isn't it?
Finished another pair of socks that was for the longest time a lonely single (since 2006, i believe). These are knit from my own handspun, navajo plied to keep the colours segregated and intense. I used 3mm needles, 56 sts and an afterthought heel. easy-peasy, but delayed because i spun half the fibre and knit the first sock... and then got over it big time before i had even spun the fibre for the second sock. typical. One looks a little longer, but that's because it's been blocked and the other one hasn't. They are both soaking now and should even out.
Anyway, I need to have a rifle but i think that leaves me with one more lonely sock to make a friend for.. and then i've completed one of my SSS goals ^_^
as for the one about writing up my patterns... does anyone know if there's an easy way to make a pdf file downloadable from my blog? or do i have to write them up as posts?
Peace out,
Ms Spider xo

PS hey, empressoftheknit! Look here for an idea of something else you can do with sock yarn (would also look fab with a plain colour against a self-striping: nowhere near as hard as it looks, promise :) The pattern is here

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