Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pics, as promised.

Here they are. Not exactly great art, as the light never improved and I ended up getting hubby to take a flash photo tonight, but I promised pics and I am a woman of my word.
The Vital Statistics:
Swirly Girl by Deby Lake for YARN Magazine
Yarn: TOFUtsies colour #847
2.25mm & 2.5mm DPNs
I worked them toe-up rather than top-down as called for in the pattern, and used a provisional short-row toe and a reverse gusset heel (I pretty much abandoned the pattern and just used the lace chart). I added a little calf-shaping by increasing one stitch in each purl column at the start of the second-last pattern repeat, and then changing to 2.5mm needles for the final repeat and the ribbing. I also did my first ever tubular bind-off, which I love truly, madly, deeply.

1.5 finished objects

One finished sock for probably the present basket and one pair for the youngest grandchild. He's not long turned two, but already has a bigger foot than his three year old cousin. I've made this pair very big, but he'll grow. They are intended for next winter, so hopefully they will still fit then. I've now quite an accumulation of browns, bones etc and some green as well. I can see a stripey pair for little Finn on the list of projects. A good way to use up what I have. Only one problem, weaving in ends. YUK!

The other single sock is called "Ashes" and I found the pattern in the list at Knitting Pattern Central. It's a ridiculously easy pattern to do and the fabric pulls in nicely to be snug but will easily stretch to a much larger size. In fact, the rib pulls in so snugly that the rest of the foot looks enormous after it. I cast on for the second sock today and am about a quarter of the way down the leg.

sock challenges

It's hard to find cute pink socks, so it was pretty thrilling when Daphne from the Knittery agreed to put out a pink colourway.
If you're in melbourne, and keen on picking up a skein for $22.50 (happy to meet in the city) let me know, otherwise my challenge will be knitting 10 or so pairs of pink cashmere socks (which would be tough, but definitely could live with such a problem...).

Indie Dyers such as The Knittery, A Swell Yarn Shop and Yarnnerd has me totally suckered into the concept of dyeing yarn, particularly sock yarn.

Love the concept of the duet sock from a Swell Yarn shop:

Originally uploaded by stressreaction

My challenges are:
- get in touch with the nerd, and get some background on his setup for dyeing.
- have a good read of dyeing to knit
- get the yarn and dyes, and start playing
- dye a colorway for emme elephantcloud and knit a pair of basic socks for xmas
- knit a pair of cookiea twisted flower socks found via flintknits who's doing hers in sundara sock yarn
- and should there be time, vivienne westwood rocks our world, and these socks...we want a pair!
- given the reviews of cat bordhi's book "new pathways for sock knitters", it might come in handy...

Westwood Socks
Originally uploaded by gusseting

My 3rd Pair

I knitted this pair of socks in 2 days ......... but I don't know if it's counted as a pair as they are infant socks. I got a little tired with all the yos & k2tog, sskp, etc so decided to knit a pair of infant socks with leftover yarn. It was really quick & satisfying - just 10 sts on each dpn & then it was finished! It's really cute & I think I will be knitting more of these socks whenever I need a break from "real" socks knitting.
Read more on my blog.

Sorbet Swirl Finished!

I've finished them and they are very beautiful, even if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, it's been grey and overcast here all day, not exactly the sort of weather conducive to photography. The upside of this is that it has just started raining in the last half hour, and we need rain way more than I need to photograph socks.
I will post pics as soon as the weather permits. Meanwhile, there are progress pics on my blog.

I Made It.... Just!

I got these finished just in time.....

So, what are they??? (I just knew everyone was asking that!) Donyale socks, pattern by Nora.

I used Merino sock yarn from The Knittery in colourway 'Roses'.

These were just the easiest socks to knit, and I think they are my favourite pair now. They fit really well and look fabulous, too!!!

Jo Knits & Stuff

Newbie Sock Knitter

I just wanted to introduce myself and set my goals for this KAL. My name's Diane and I'm a student at Moore Theological College in Sydney.

My blog is The Crafty Apple.

I've never knitted socks before (actually, the only thing I've knitted is a scarf) so this is a big challenge for me.

I'm using Silver's Socks Class with some vintage plastic DPNs that looks small enough for a sock. My yarn is some multicoloured DK weight 80%wool and 20% nylon that I scored from my Granny's stash.

I'm thinking after starting this sock that it will be too big to fit into a shoe so they might be more useful in the winter to wear sans shoes.

My overall goal is to make 2 pairs of socks - including the pair I'm starting right now.

I'm really looking forward to this KAL!

First Post

Hi all, This is Jerry AKA Twisted Knitster from California. This is my first entry into the blog and I guess I should disclose that I am part of a wife / husband team. I'm much slower and have multiple projects on the needles and she just plows through the projects one at a time. The first pair of socks are waving lace from the IW favorite socks book. Yarn is Posh Lucia 80/20 Merino cashmere, colorway "Farewell".

Mr. Bones loved to use this as his sleeping bag while the other sock was being completed.

Posh yarn is a dream to knit with and heaven on the feet. We use posh as couch socks in the evening when the floor gets cool. Nothing better than snuggling up on the couch in cashmere socks when it gets chilly enjoying a hot cuppa. Neither of us are green yarn lovers but the subtle blends look almost like Monet colors.

Next is my first toe up sock that will become Feather and Fan in YarnAddictAnni easy care merino colorway "Pink Swirl" for my teenage Daughter's Christmas present.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a gentleman's fancy

one down, one to go...
more over there at my blog

Woohoo! My first knitalong!

Hello all!
Here's a pic of my first pair of socks for SSoS:
Yarn is from The Knittery, 4 ply merino cashmere sock yarn in colour Warm Pinks (buy it before midnight 31st October and $5 goes to breast cancer charities!).
Pattern is my own invention, toe up socks being invented on the fly. Continuing the breast cancer theme, I'm calling this pattern Normal Histology, as the surface design of bobbles and lines of knits on purl background sort of represents the normal structure of the parts of the breast most commonly affected by the Big C.
Borrowing the idea from Cat Bordhi, the gusset increases are across the top of the instep rather than either side of the heel. The heel flap is eye of partridge, with shaping at the top (more photos to come when I've got more done!)

Hope you enjoy - I'm getting a lot of inspiration from things everyone else is doing, too!

Third pair

Progress on my third pair of socks is going rather slowly. Perhaps I have come to the end of my sock knitting frenzy. Perhaps it is too hot to knit. I think the real reason is that I am not much in love with this yarn. It's 75% wool/25% acrylic from Spotlight, but it feels very acrylic and a bit cheap. Yarn snob!

Again I'm using a basic pattern but have added a ribbed panel up the middle. Wanted a cable but it didn't really work with the yarn. The yarn has the final say!
Love Melinda

Knitting a sock this way seems to take longer (this is definitely not because I hated the look of the gusset and heel, prompting me to frog back to the foot). Eventually when I decided it was too unwieldly to wear, I replaced that work with an afterthought heel.

So here now is the long "tube" of a sock, 2/3's done. More to follow. (At least I was happy with the casting on for the toe!)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Angry Peacock socks

My fourth pair is complete!

I am way, way too proud of these. They look much more impressive in real life; my photo skillz are not up to scratch, or maybe the daylight savings is making me cranky :) The pattern is Crosshatch Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks, and the yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy. More details on my blog over yonder.

Bride of Franken Socks!

Warning: References to sock cannibalism in this post!

Once upon a time a novice sock knitter, very pleased with her first few pair of socks, fell in love with a beautiful purple 100% wool baby yarn.

This knitter had read enough sock knitting posts to know that baby yarn alone would be too delicate to last long as a pair of socks. So she combined the lovely purple yarn with a sturdy yarn in the heels and toes. The knitter was very happy with her handiwork and wore her purple socks proudly.

Not long into this loving relationship, the knitter discovered the delicate purple baby yarn was wearing thin at the back of the ankle. The knitter’s choice of work shoes was the fiend in this melodrama. The knitter lovingly darned the purple socks and checked them weekly for wear.

At last the knitter had to admit her beloved was beyond repair and destined for sock-heaven. But the knitter could not bear to part with her beloved. She had read of replacing heels and amputated sock feet re-knit with new yarn. The lovely purple baby yarn in the calf of the beloveds would “live” again!

The knitter combined the lovely purple yarn with more sock yarn to create the Bride of Franken Socks! To be continued . . .

To see other knitting madness check my blog at:


The first of my web socks in lincraft hot socks.

Ms Spider

first sock

Hi my name is Amanda and this is the start of my first ever sock, I'm new to knitting and kal's as well. My goals are to complete at least 2 pairs of socks, more would be fantastic but I'm a slow knitter, improve knitting skills so one day I can knit Pomatomus socks for me and kilt hose for my partner. It's so good having an Australian kal to be part of !!!

First Socks and introduction

Hi, My name's Anna and I've never participated in a KAL before. I live in Sydney and I have only a few simple goals for SSS.

- Knit my first pair of socks
- Knit one pair of socks a month (between October and March)
- Knit one pair of Earl Grey socks.
- Knit one sock for my keyring sockblocker.

I've managed to achieve my first goal - my first pair of socks!

Anna's first socks

They were knit top down on 2.5mm dpns. They were knit using Yarn Harlot's Plain Vanilla Sock receipe and the yarn is Raspberry tart (I think!) from either here or here. (I can't remember, my secret pal sent the yarn to me.)

The socks weren't as hard as I imagined,(why does everyone make out sock knitting is so hard?) although I was still a little confused when I turned the heel (I don't really understand how that works) and they took about 2 weeks to complete a pair. I can't wait to start another pair for myself (unfortunately, I have all this other knitting to do first).

Anna - Knit1 Purl1

New Shoes!

I needed new shoes. (No, really, I did.) So of course I bought shoes that will show off all my pretty socks. (Jeans are cuffed only for photo purposes!)

ETA: I forgot to leave my blog link. Here it is!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

like a (sock) virgin

Its been so inspiring and exciting to see everyone's gorgeous socks, and read about the socky goals being set for the SSS.
My goal, in fact my SSS raison d'etre, is to produce (at least) one single pair of socks.
See, I have the tiny dpns, I've started stashing the sock yarn and I ooh ahh over sock patterns, but I have never. ever. knitted. a pair of socks!
So, I'm seeking your collective expert advice to help me select a suitable first sock for my tiny dpns and stashed sock yarn.
I know this rules out lots of patterns, and some people are going to be shocked, but I would be especially interested in a toe-up for my first sock (that said, I'm still happy to try out top down).
It may also be worth noting that I am afflicted by a particularly nasty case of chunky cankles, so room in that area is a necessity!
I'd appreciate any advice you have? =)

Thanks! besos Kuka

Sheer Simplicity

One magic loop sock down. One to go. I'm still feeling the plain sock love.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Almost missed FO Friday

This was a close call for FO Friday at Sadly I had some problems with the yarn dying. I didn't see a huge difference between the skeins until the flash bulb of my camera highlighted it. In the pictures they look really, really different.

I plan to make the more purple color for sale on my etsy shop (when I open one...hopefully in January).

This is the Vinnland pattern and it's been my favorite so far except that I hated the toe and never actually figured out the heel (just kind of made something up as I went). But the overall way it turned out I love.

Pair One - Done :)

At last, I've finished my first pair.

We've been away for a week's holiday, and long drives (and no housework) made for ideal knitting time. We visited Bendigo while away, so my sock yarn stash has grown (which was not actually part of the plan....) Their Miami yarn is 40% wool, 45% cotton and 15% nylon, and feels perfect for summer. So far it feels pretty nice to knit too :)

More details will eventually be on my blog, but right now I'm washing a million clothes from our holiday :)

I'll show this yarn who's boss

I decided I would not let my twisty yarn beat me. I cast on again and knitted slowly, taking care to avoid twist. This colour is so fresh, I really love it. As I knitted I was thinking of names for the socks. I had decided on Granny Smith socks because of the similarity to the colour of those apples.

I wear a lot of footlet type socks so that's what these were planned to be. New technique to me for the short row heels. I usually double wrap and pick up the wraps and knit them together with the stitch. This time I followed someone's suggestion of picking up the wraps from the knit side only, knitting the stitch by itself and then passing the loops over. Picking up from only the knit side makes both heels identical but was a PITA to do on the purl row.

Round the heel and back down the foot. Lovely even stripes. Then I noticed the pooling starting. I don't mind some, but not with those lovely, even, narrow stripes. So this yarn is going back in the stash, pronto. It may be a hat or scarf or something, somewhere well down the track.

I'll finish the second sock I'm doing for my youngest grandson and add to Christmas presents.

pass the slipped stitch over

Friday, October 26, 2007

Whitby Socks

I'm happy to finally report on a finished pair of socks! This pattern is "Whitby" from Knitting on the Road, which I started on the way home from knitting camp at the beginning of the month. I had to frog and restart once, as the number of stitches suggested just wasn't working for me. (I actually went up to 67 from the 51 suggested.) It was an easily memorized pattern and the cables were fun without being bothersome. I also tried out an eye of partridge heel for the first time. The yarn is the last of my Colinette Jitterbug; I love the colours, but I don't think I'll be getting any more. (My Vinnlands are already starting to pill and felt from a single wear.) I knitted these at the same time on 2.75mm needles using the two-circulars method. I think a goal of one pair per month is pretty do-able...

Whitby Socks

Update on my socks

Hi, a quick update on the socks I've knitted so far. I have finished these blue ones which are the garter rib socks from Sensational Knitted Socks in Sheldridge Farm Soft Touch Heather in gunmetal, for size 12 feet. Thought I would never finish them. Also made these baby socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Child's Play. They were a joy to knit with a short row heel and short row toe on one circular. The pattern was the Better than Booties socks by Ann Budd, free from Knitting Daily. Have started another two pairs, Southwestern Socks free from Wendy Knits in Cider Moon Glacier in Victoria (purple). These are toe-up socks with a lace pattern and the yarn is "sport" weight, feels like a DK weight to me. Quick knitting though. I'm using two 2.75 mm circulars for these. The other socks I've started are the famous monkey socks in Fleece Artist Merino Sock in Marine. Photo when they are a bit more advanced.

First pair finished!

Me Sock
Originally uploaded by wearespiraling
This is a terrible photo and I apologise, but here is one of my first pair made for SSS.

Made of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids in Hot Pink and Turqoise, to a basic cuff-down stocking stitch pattern. I liked the turqoise much better than the pink, which kept splitting, but I won't buy this yarn again. I still have the best part of a skein of turquoise and probably half of the pink, along with two skeins of purple (what was I thinking? I never wear purple) in the stash.

I told my gentleman that I would knit him the reverse socks, but it probably won't be this summer.

Next up, Firestarters!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Joy of Sox

The first pair is off the needles!

Here are the Feather and Fan Socks from Socks, Socks, Socks, knitted in the Knitting Ninja's 'Tulips' colourway.

They feel great - straight off the needles and unblocked - I'm still working on the secret project - but may have a peep to show you shortly!

Just saying Hi

October Sock
Originally uploaded by jaynewagner

Hello everybody.

My name is Jayne, my blog is on the sidebar as 48 Hour Day and I thought I'd say hello with the first sock I have cast on for this escapade.

Personal challenge - to finish as many socks as possible and to finish at least one pair just for me.

Wool is Trekking XXL in colour 23, 2.5mm needles, in a pattern called "Gingerbread Rib" from a book borrowed fom Miriam (in the sidebar as nrrdgrrl).

Recipient is my 17YO son - if you are so inclined you can find out how big his feet are on the blog.

I cast this on on Monday and am now knitting the heel flap. Once I turn the heel and hit the foot the REAL knitting will start.

I think that will do for now. Hopefully you'll be seeing plenty of "I've finished" posts from me soon. Bye from South Africa.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Finished Pair, and a Question

First the finished pair: Whitby Socks, from Knitting On the Road.

Details are on my blog.

My second attempt at toe-up socks went a little better.

This is Knitty's Widdershins pattern, although I changed it to work a K2P1 ribbing right up the leg. I like knitting cuff down, but I wanted to learn a toe-up technique for limited-yarn situations. I wasn't sure how this yarn would knit up, since it's a little heavier than typical sock yarn. That bit to the left is how much is left over from half the skein.

My question: I ended up with small holes at the top of the gusset, where the heel stitches meet up again with the instep when the heel knitting is through and I joined to work in the round again. Should I have picked up stitches in the corners?

I'm going to close it up, and I was planning on picking up a stitch on each side for the next sock, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions or tips.


One of our sockers has suggested it would be a good idea, for those of you who have one, to include your blog name in your posts, either at the end, or somewhere through, and preferably make it a hyperlink as well - because our sign-on names and blog names can be quite different, which makes it a bit hard to find out more details about your socks or other knitting.

As we've got over 90 people signed up we thought it was a good idea to help us all get to know each other!

If anyone else has any suggestions or ideas about SS0S please feel free to email us!

Bells and RoseRed

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the flood dries up

i suspect everyone will be a little relieved to hear this, but i give up. On the sullivan's sock yarn pomatomas anyway. I got guage, it looks nice... it's not the most enjoyable thing i've ever knit but it isnt boring...

the yarn is hideous. i can say it. full of guard hairs, scratchy, stiff and then there's the colour bleeding onto my finger tips. ew.

so yes, it shall be frogged. i think i will skein the yarn and then give it a good wash to see if that makes it a little softer. after that? i give up.

And you know what? i dye my own sock yarn, what the hell am i doing buying a cheap commercial immitation of what i can do for myself?? nuts, totally nuts i am.

Also, i have a question. If we knit half a sock and then end up frogging it, does it count towards our total? or if we count it in the first place do we then have to add a -sock to the week in which we frog it? because i tend to count my socks by halves as that seems to be their natural breathing space...

Peace out,
Ms Spider

nearly there...

6 more repeats and then sock one is done! #2 won't take that long at all - and the heel wasn't scary... it just took 3 hours to do... Sock 2 should be a piece of cake - it really is a very simple and easy pattern once you get down to it. Then I need to find a nice, affordable yarn (and pattern) to make the magpie a nice pair of socks too...


come to my pity party

A question before the whine...can anyone identify these needles? I was hoping to buy needles from a particular vendor at the Spinners and Weavers Day. However she wasn't there this year. Two years ago I bought some vintage needles from her, small dpns. As I walked down Burwood road a couple of weeks ago after leaving the Open Day, I saw these needles in a tin in the local Vinnies. There were eight of them, five yellow and three pink. They feel quite bendy and flexible and I wondered how they would go. They weren't dear at all so I bought them all. To my surprise, I really liked them. They are too long and I'll have them cut down, but they feel good to use, almost like my favourite casein needles. They look oldish plastic, have quite a bend to them but knit well. These are equivalent of 3 mm.
Now I bought this wool at the Open Day. it says 5 ply crepe. Certainly crepe finish but I think it resembles the thickness of Lion Brand Magic Stripes more than 5 ply. That would make it 6 ply, American sportweight. The needles shown are 3.0 mm and the fabric is very firm.

This is the spring green colour I wanted when I made the brown Zokni socks. I loved it and bought it immediately I saw it. Not expensive, but not cheap either. 200gm in hank which wound well. I tried two different patterns but frogged them both as the design did not show up well. I decided to let the colour speak for itself.

Now for whine #1. The wool is splitty, no matter what needles I use. It's as bad as the Wildfoote luxury sock yarn which makes beautiful feeling fabric but splits constantly. I've done several pairs of sock in Wildfoote and vowed never again.

Whine #2. I could sort of put up with the splitting of the wool, but I have another problem. It seems to be badly plied. If I have more than about a handspan of length of wool between needles and ball of yarn, that length immediately folds up on itself and twists as if making a twisted cord for a belt etc. If I disregard it for a few stitches, it seems to easily fall into a knot, or if I pull at the two sides of the twist, another knot forms. I need more yarn than 9" to work with an even tension. Is this a problem with the plying? I'm not a spinner although I do have a traditional Ashford wheel and did some many years ago.

Is thre any way of fixing this or of handling the yarn in a particular way so I can use it? Or do I just put it down to experience and put it back in the stash. It might work if crocheted but I'm not about to try that in a hurry either. I have the seller's email and a webpage on Ozemail so I could contact her about the wool, but thought I'd ask here first for ideas.

pass the slipped stitch over

My 2nd Pair

Another pair off the needles & I am really having a great time with this KAL.
Pattern : Jeweled Step from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways to Knitting Socks
Yarn : Dream In Color (Beach Fog)
Needles : 2.5mm bamboo dpns
I love the yarn as it's so soft & nice to knit with & I learnt a new technique for the toe & gusset. You can see more pictures on my blog.

question about patterns

I am quite new to this whole sock thing.
What I want to do is one sock at a time toe up on two circulars.
I have one cast on using a Cat Bordhi pattern.
My question is can anyone recommend a good super simple pattern for this?
I just want to enjoy the process not get cranky about instructions...
thank you


Monday, October 22, 2007

First Post

Hi -- I signed up for this blog over a week ago and keep meaning to post something. This is my first KAL/group blog, so I'll keep my goals simple:

  1. Knit socks from stash.
  2. Try new patterns from books I already have.
  3. Finish one pair before starting the next.

Sunset SocksIn honour of goal #3, I finished my Sunset Socks earlier this month. Pattern: Diamond Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I used 2.75mm needles. The yarn is Patonyle which I dyed myself (with a 12 meter repeat).


I've already finished the first sock of my next pair: Broadripple in Cascade Fixation.

My blog is Karen's Craft Odyssey and you can find me on ravelry as spinweaveknit.

Orange fun

These are my second pair of socks - nearly completed. I bought the yarn at the NSW Spinners and Weavers Guild open day. I used a basic pattern but added a cable down the middle. These socks have been my first cable project, my first attempt at toe-up socks, and my first use of provisional cast-on. I am quite proud of myself!

I am now considering laying aside all of that winter knitting for next year. Summer is for iceblocks and fans and socks and cotton!

Love Melinda

Time got away from me

This is also my first post. I knew this KAL was coming up, but somehow managed to forget it was October!

My First goal is (Goal A):
to finish all the socks I cast on in September and make pairs for them (that's 3 pairs).
My second Goal (Goal B)
If there any time left I would like to knit up all the yarn I have that is "sock yarn", I have just realised with horror that this is about 9 balls! (that seems like a lot of sock yarn for someone who doesn't really "do" socks).

I hope this blog will help to inspire me and keep me going.

my blog is at:

Another Late Starter

Hello everyone,

I discovered this KAL last week so I'm late getting going with the real challenge. As I spin most of my wool for socks I'm not even going to attempt to put a number on how many finished pairs there will be by March. I've been spinning for 30 years but only discovered sock knitting very recently - I guess I'd rate myself as a beginner with aspirations for intermediate.

My goals are:

1. Try some new patterns (move on from plain knitting and rib).

2. See if I can use up some of the odd balls of homespun I already have lying around.

This photo shows what I finished last week (pre SSS) and also the standard pattern I've used so far. The socks are size 12s! and colours chosen by DS.

I have been inspired by all the work done here so far - and thanks everyone for putting in the links to yarns and patterns.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Goals

Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here and looking at all your beautiful socks it's really inspired me to try and finish all of mine. One pair are for me but the others are intended to be presents.

At the moment I am working on Embossed Leaves sock but haven't touched them for a few weeks. I am knitting these in Cherry Tree Hills Super Sock Merino Tropical Storm colourway.

My challenge is to finish socks which I've started and are singletons (as Monica puts it). Sounds easy doesn't it? But somehow I think it's easier said then done.

They are:

Gentleman's Fancy Socks in Lorna's Laces - Black Purl

Self striping - Denim Girl by Katt's Hand Dyed Yarns, knitted on two circulars which I am finding extremely hard to do, I prefer using dpn's. So learning to knit on two circulars may never happen.

The other socks that I've started on and would like to finish are these socks designed by my blog friend and sock pal from last year Monica. I am knitting these in Cashmere merino 4ply from The Knittery in the Dark Reds colourway.

Ok, I guess that's about it for today, I've been on the net all day today, blogging, Ravelry shopping, etc, etc. So much for house work!

Sorbet Swirl

I'm a little behind schedule with my sock this week, because I spent the last couple of days mucking about with my new toys. I may or may not get this one finished by tomorrow night, but I have every intention of getting it and its mate finished by this time next week. In the meantime, I give you half a sock.
I love this colourway, it looks like ice cream or sherbet, and the TOFUtsies yarn is gorgeous to knit and even nicer to wear.
I'm working toe-up, as you can see, and I've done a reverse gusset heel, which I know a few of you are trying out for the first time, so I had the Man Himself take a close-up pic of the heel and gusset for you (it's been resized for blogging purposes, but if you want a really big close-up, the higher-res version is on my Flickr page - it's not perfect, as the original pic was a bit dark and I had to fiddle about with the exposure in Photoshop, but it should give you an idea.)

Oh Good Lord I've done it !!!!

My first real adult sock. Thank you all for the encouragement I have received here to get this done, especially from Bells (a big thank you). What a feat. I can't believe it. Now just have to make it's mate, ick!

Opal Wool, with 2.25 needles.

Have added it to my blog Pins & Needles. Stay tuned for it's partner, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Pair #2, sock #1; Pair #3 ... oops!

Things have been busy at Chez Quiltingmick. But I allowed myself some time last weekend to get stuck into Pair #2. I'm using the "In your Shoes Ankle Socks" pattern from Crochet Me, and other than a very strange way to do a heel (almost as an afterthought!) I'm extremely happy with how they have turned out. I've done one sock, using Sullivan's Sock Yarn (love the yarn - it's really surprised me with how lovely it is).

' '

Then I allowed myself to get distracted by the most beautiful handdyed wool by the lovely Kattwings at Etsy. It arrived early last week and I have been enamoured by it's rosy hues ever since.

(Note: Sock #2 or Pair #2 not even started yet ...)

The viburnum's flowers are amazing

I'm getting there ...