Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just saying Hi

October Sock
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Hello everybody.

My name is Jayne, my blog is on the sidebar as 48 Hour Day and I thought I'd say hello with the first sock I have cast on for this escapade.

Personal challenge - to finish as many socks as possible and to finish at least one pair just for me.

Wool is Trekking XXL in colour 23, 2.5mm needles, in a pattern called "Gingerbread Rib" from a book borrowed fom Miriam (in the sidebar as nrrdgrrl).

Recipient is my 17YO son - if you are so inclined you can find out how big his feet are on the blog.

I cast this on on Monday and am now knitting the heel flap. Once I turn the heel and hit the foot the REAL knitting will start.

I think that will do for now. Hopefully you'll be seeing plenty of "I've finished" posts from me soon. Bye from South Africa.

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Rose Red said...

Welcome Jayne! Love the colour of your Trekking! Perhaps you will be in the running for largest socks with these ones!