Friday, October 19, 2007

A Whole Sock!

Here's my first whole sock, a Monkey. Note that the little ball of wool to the side is all that remains of the first 50g/160m skein of Koigu. I was getting rather worried about making it to the toe and I'd already left out one pattern repeat on the leg for this very reason. For the record, my feet are size 9.

Now onto the other sock.


Bells said...

the monkey fits your size 9 foot? How so? I've found them rather tight (could just be my tension - it's very tight). What needles did you use?

NetStitcher said...

Well, with this one, the Koigu is quite stretchy so it went on my foot quite easily unlike the first pair of Monkeys that I knitted which did not. Those ones were knitted with Jojoland Melody which is not very giving in the stretch department. I also hated knitting with it which is why I am knitting a second pair in a different yarn. I don't think I will knit a third pair.

I used 2.5mm needles.

gemma said...

nicely done, knitting sister.

Carol said...

Exquisite !!! The colour is just gorgeous.