Sunday, October 28, 2007

like a (sock) virgin

Its been so inspiring and exciting to see everyone's gorgeous socks, and read about the socky goals being set for the SSS.
My goal, in fact my SSS raison d'etre, is to produce (at least) one single pair of socks.
See, I have the tiny dpns, I've started stashing the sock yarn and I ooh ahh over sock patterns, but I have never. ever. knitted. a pair of socks!
So, I'm seeking your collective expert advice to help me select a suitable first sock for my tiny dpns and stashed sock yarn.
I know this rules out lots of patterns, and some people are going to be shocked, but I would be especially interested in a toe-up for my first sock (that said, I'm still happy to try out top down).
It may also be worth noting that I am afflicted by a particularly nasty case of chunky cankles, so room in that area is a necessity!
I'd appreciate any advice you have? =)

Thanks! besos Kuka


amy said...

My advice: If you haven't used the teeny tiny dpns yet, start with a pattern that has you using 3.25mm rather than super tiny, which means using a bit thicker sock yarn, not the really thin stuff. I'm not knowledgeable enough on toe-up to recommend a pattern, but I know others are, and there's a basic toe-up out there that has a gauge of 6.5 stitches/inch. Ha! I found it! :)

Good luck!

TinkingBell said...

Try googling 'Blueberry waffle socks' - they were my second ever pait of socks, knitted in 8 ply and great for boots! They also knit quickly and you get that nice sense of achievement in short order!

Ann said...

I learned my 1st toe-up sock from Wendy as her patterns are great & easy to follow. Check out her site. Good luck!

Bells said...

Kuka forgot to say she is very well versed in making fine gauge mittens, often stranded. How this differs to socks, really, eludes me. Kuka, you will be fine. And I have must modified a pattern to cope with a similar issue for my mum. Email me and we'll talk!

Darrow said...

Yay you!I have high insteps, which have similar problems in some ways to the fuller-figured ankle - short-row/hourglass/afterthought heels are probably not your best bet (you'll see what that means when you read a few patterns - they can stretch around the ankle area in an unflattering way). There's also a sock pattern and some basic sock designing jiggery-pokery at the back of the Big Girl Knits book. Also, you can work the foot part on small needles and go up to a larger size once the heel is finished. Cables pull in a lot and can be quite snug, but many laces are very accommodating.