Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sorbet Swirl

I'm a little behind schedule with my sock this week, because I spent the last couple of days mucking about with my new toys. I may or may not get this one finished by tomorrow night, but I have every intention of getting it and its mate finished by this time next week. In the meantime, I give you half a sock.
I love this colourway, it looks like ice cream or sherbet, and the TOFUtsies yarn is gorgeous to knit and even nicer to wear.
I'm working toe-up, as you can see, and I've done a reverse gusset heel, which I know a few of you are trying out for the first time, so I had the Man Himself take a close-up pic of the heel and gusset for you (it's been resized for blogging purposes, but if you want a really big close-up, the higher-res version is on my Flickr page - it's not perfect, as the original pic was a bit dark and I had to fiddle about with the exposure in Photoshop, but it should give you an idea.)


Michelle said...

I love the cabling on the foot! And the yarn is so darn pretty.

amy said...

I think this reverse gusset is something I'm not going to quite get until I actually do it, but the picture does help. Thank you! The widdershins has this type of heel, I think. The Patriots are on later, so I should whip right through the stockinette foot and be up to the heel in no time.

Crafted in Millthorpe said...

Love the new toys. I am dreaming of knit pick options.

Terri said...

These are really pretty. :o)