Sunday, October 14, 2007

crosshatch hotsocks

Here's a start on my crosshatch socks from more Sensational knitted Socks. I bought the wool yesterday at the Spinners and Weavers open Day. It's Hot Socks sock wool (sockewolle). Quite pleasant to use.

The pattern's very easy and quite obvious to follow and I've done four repeats. The sock shown in the book has seven down to the heel with the pattern down the instep. It wouldn't be me if I didn't make some changes. I've done a roll top of ten rows and will probably do a short row heel again. This time however, I'm currently planning on a grafted toe.

Someone else commented on searching for patterns. I have a couple of books with lots of possible variations, some bought patterns and all the resources of the net. I've made up lots of my own with imagination and using a stitch dictionary. I can spend hours searching for a pattern which takes my fancy at any particular moment.

However, this pattern seems to suit the wool. The ball is 100 grams and I'm hoping to have enough left to pair with some dark brown left from the Zokni socks to make a pair for one of the grandchildren. We'll see.


Rose Red said...

I really like the roll-top on these socks - reminds me of my early school days when I used to roll my socks down!!!

happyspider said...

I'm knitting those exact same socks! high five! well.. not the same yarn but you know what i mean. How much fun is the stitch pattern?? i love it, so little work and it comes out looking like little cathedral arches or something.
great yarn choice :)