Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I LOVE The Whitby. I LOVE This Yarn. :-)

I cast on a Whitby sock this morning (from Knitting On The Road) and am just about ready to start the heel flap, except I'm going to bed instead. It goes really quickly. (No, I wasn't working on it all day. I have these kids, see, who expect attention and food.) It feels all soft and squishy, and the color is glorious. You can't really see it in the picture, but although the yarn is named "charcoal," it's got bluish and greenish qualities to it as well. Oh, I'm so happy with this sock so far.

Plus, I bought a little digital scale over the weekend so I can (hopefully) maximize my sock yarn. I'm thinking I want to have at least 30 g of a 50 g hank before I begin the heel flap? (I'm using one 50 g hank per sock.) I'm happy with this length, but I think I could do one or two more cable crosses and still be fine.

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Rose Red said...

That looks great Amy! Might be the right pattern for my sea wool too! I think if you are at 30g and about to start the heel flap that should work out just right!