Saturday, October 13, 2007

Socks Appeal

The Henry VIII socks are complete. I am very happy!!! They turned out quite well and I love the colour. These are going to be a gift, so I am not allowed to like them too much. It's like being a Guide Dog walker: I could never do that!!! I knitted these on 2.75mm needles and 64 stitches.

I am still working away at my mum's The Word socks and have almost finished one.

I have started a new pair of socks in Opal Acapulco: Narnia Girl. I am ribbing the back of the socks as my friend has delicate ankles and the socks will be a little more fitted for her. She wanted pink socks, not wholly pink, so I can indulge my love of green as well. Bonus!!


knitabulous said...

I saw this post and didn't even have to look at the author - I knew it was you 2paw!

Green is good.

Ann said...

Lovely green socks! You are knitting fast & I will have to catch up as I just finish my 1st pair.