Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the flood dries up

i suspect everyone will be a little relieved to hear this, but i give up. On the sullivan's sock yarn pomatomas anyway. I got guage, it looks nice... it's not the most enjoyable thing i've ever knit but it isnt boring...

the yarn is hideous. i can say it. full of guard hairs, scratchy, stiff and then there's the colour bleeding onto my finger tips. ew.

so yes, it shall be frogged. i think i will skein the yarn and then give it a good wash to see if that makes it a little softer. after that? i give up.

And you know what? i dye my own sock yarn, what the hell am i doing buying a cheap commercial immitation of what i can do for myself?? nuts, totally nuts i am.

Also, i have a question. If we knit half a sock and then end up frogging it, does it count towards our total? or if we count it in the first place do we then have to add a -sock to the week in which we frog it? because i tend to count my socks by halves as that seems to be their natural breathing space...

Peace out,
Ms Spider


kms said...

yes it does look nice and you are doing a great job on that pattern, but i cant imagine why you would knit anything that wasnt in your own gorgeous sock wool! ribbitribbit, she says. and oh most definitely, frogged bits must count, and perhaps they get a handicap depending on how many times you restarted before frogging completely!!hehe

Rose Red said...

Oh shame that you have to frog this after all the work - I don't think I could frog my Poms, even if they were too big or too small. I'd just admire them or maybe use the sock leg as a mug cosy or something.

And I think frogged socks(or part-socks) don't count for the purposes of "most socks knit"...but they can count for whatever else you feel like counting them for!!

kms said...

bonus heartache points perhaps?!