Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pair #2, sock #1; Pair #3 ... oops!

Things have been busy at Chez Quiltingmick. But I allowed myself some time last weekend to get stuck into Pair #2. I'm using the "In your Shoes Ankle Socks" pattern from Crochet Me, and other than a very strange way to do a heel (almost as an afterthought!) I'm extremely happy with how they have turned out. I've done one sock, using Sullivan's Sock Yarn (love the yarn - it's really surprised me with how lovely it is).

' '

Then I allowed myself to get distracted by the most beautiful handdyed wool by the lovely Kattwings at Etsy. It arrived early last week and I have been enamoured by it's rosy hues ever since.

(Note: Sock #2 or Pair #2 not even started yet ...)

The viburnum's flowers are amazing

I'm getting there ...

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