Saturday, October 20, 2007

mild annoyance

In case anyone was wanted a review of the sullivan's sock yarn (about $13 for 120g at lincraft) it's ok.. pretty hairy but nice colours. sadly these colours will rub off on your hand.
still pretty though.


Michelle said...

And that sock is even lovelier in real life!

The Sullivans sea green/blue I used for mine doesn't rub off, and it's a lot less fluffy. A mystery as to why different colours can be so different.

MissVicki said...

Oh dear. I have bought a fair bit of this stuff. Solids and varigated ones as I am planning on having a go at the Mosaic socks from Yarn magazine. I think I'll give my Sullivan's a vinegar wash and cook it a little before I use it. Thanks for the warning.

Very pretty pattern you are knitting BTW, those colours are working well with it.