Friday, October 31, 2008

Socktober Round-up

I haven't been updating here, but that's just because I've been much too busy actually knitting socks. For the first month of the Southern Summer of Socks, my sock-knitting has been doing double duty for Socktoberfest, and I've managed to crank out fifteen socks. Here's some eye candy:

Socktoberfest 2008!

Drunken Bees / Tricoquelicot Laine Claude II in Caramel
Generic top-down socks / sKnitches Syncopation in Planetary
Cornucopia / Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock Yarn in Buttermilk
Generic top-down socks with picof-cuff / Sunshine Yarns Twist Sock Yarn in Reducto
Flicker / Sundara Sock Yarn in Sour Apple
Maelstrom / MadelineTosh Sock Yarn in Olivia
Twisted Tweed / Sundara Sock Yarn in Mossy
TTL Mystery Sock / Dream in Color Smooshy in Chinatown Apple

To be honest, I'm all socked out for now. For the next couple of weeks I'll be knitting other things, but my sock stamina usually recovers pretty quickly. I'll be back before too long!

Goal posts

I haven't knit any socks this month, but I finally got around to setting some sock goals.
To begin with, here is a picture of (most of) my sock stash:

It's not too bad, but I do think I need to get knitting before purchasing any more! Especially with that packet of ten balls of Patonyle under there - recently acquired from the 'Morris and Sons' (Tapestry Craft) sale.

Anyway, my goals are:

- knit socks from the stash

- knit a pair for my husband

- knit a pair of lace socks

- try new techniques

- finally finish spinning and plying the roving that I was working on this time last year, and start knitting a pair of socks with the yarn

These are ambitious goals, so I don't mind if I don't quite make them all!!

I will be using my Knitpicks dpns to knit all of these socks - they are so nice and pointy, improving the sock knitting experience!

More on my blog here.



Thursday, October 30, 2008

winterwarm socks

Another two pairs, one deep purple and white, the other in your face yellow Opal. Both for Winterwarm. I've made several pairs of the Opal and the ball seems no smaller, even though I also made one of a pair for me. It turned out too sloppy for my liking, I like my socks snug, but I haven't yet frogged it. I guess the wool I have left will make several more pairs of children's socks. It depends on two things - my patience with the bright yellow and the amount of wool. I wonder which will be exhausted first?

I really don't like knitting with Opal. It's thin like string and annoys the arthritis in my fingers. However, it washes like a dream and mine go in the dryer too. I'm still wearing a pair many years old and they look like new.

pass the slipped stitch over

charlie's socks done and dusted

Here are Charlie's socks, all finished. The wool is Voodoo colourway from Katie at Live2Knit. It's somewhat washed out here with late afternoon sun coming in my room from the west and camera battery was fairly flat. A much better idea of the pretty colours in this yarn can be seen here.

Charlie? King Charles who was executed in 1649 by Cromwell apparently wore a vest to his execution with a pattern now known as King Charles brocade. The Barbara Walker stitch books have this as a raised diamond. I didn't know that when I designed these socks. I adapted the stitch from Lace and Eyelet Stitches, E. Knight, Collins & Brown, London, 2007. The stitch has an easy eight row pattern and I adapted it to be knit in the round. Eight repeats down leg and seven on the foot. The stitch repeat is eleven stitches and I added an extra five so I had sixty four stitches in total. If more were needed, the pattern could be centred with stocking stitch at each side.

The wool is lovely to knit and despite reasonable longish legs, I have some left over.

pass the slipped stitch over

One sock down, one to go

That's right I have finished my first ever person sized sock, and it is lovely.

Time to cast on for the second one before the love wears off!

FO: Cloud-Flying Monkeys

Remember these? I finished them on the 16th October, but forgot to post them here. The wonderful, fabulous, blog-buddy-par-excellence Kate came to my rescue with a little bit of black Patonyle for the toes.

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A. for Knitty
Yarn: Collinette Jitterbug, in “Mist”, Patons Patonyle in black for toe.
Needles: 2.75mm, changed to 2.5mm for foot.
Modifications: Tubular cast-on, extra length on the ribbing (yes, painfully aware that this is why I ran out of yarn for the toes), otherwise I just went with the pattern. I generally do an extra pattern repeat in the leg, too, but this time I didn’t - don’t even know why, it just looked right with six repeats. Can you imagine how much worse things would have turned out if I’d done the seventh rep? [Shudders]

Find me at Kiss My Frog

Sunday, October 26, 2008

finished object

Well, I have a finished object as in one pair or finished objects as in two socks! LOL. The footlet socks, one of which is shown in the photo in that entry have been finished.

However, there is no photo. They are part of my sister's (belated) birthday present. I thought I might see her yesterday so hurriedly darned in ends on the second sock and wrapped everything up. Then I realised I had not taken a photo. I didn't see her but am not unwrapping parcel.

There's also another small pair nearly done in Opal self patterning sock wool for Winterwarm. This is a mix of yellows, white and greys, bought for children's socks. It's made several pairs already and could well make several more by the looks of what's left.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Do A Thing Called The Crocodile Rox

I am late to the Sock Party, but I suddenly realised I had a sock to share!! I don't know that I have any particular aims for the SSS, but I would like to knit myself four pairs of socks to replace the ones that have worn out in the last few months. I think I would also like to make them all my own patterns.

The first pair have been inspired by my handbag and I wrote about it here.

I have finished one and started the other. I have promised to write out the pattern, so as soon as I have finished knitting them, I'll do that!!!


Harki and Peri Naughty
and now Boogelly Blogger won't let me add any more pictures.

First pair

Hi, here are my first pair of socks, Earl Grey socks by the Yarn Harlot in Yarn Nerd 900 MHz in colour 5 o'clock shadow. I started out knitting these for my DS but unfortunately something went wrong with my tension and they were too small. Guess they will fit someone.

I have already started on my next pair, Ultimate Crocheted Socks which are proving to be fun even though I have had to rip them several times to get the foot length right.

I'm using Spunky Eclectic Biffle sock in the Eclipse colourway (club colour). I really like it.



I have finished my first pair of socks and I love them -they fit well, the colour is glorious and the pattern is lovely. I made a few mucks ups like with the toe grafting (need to practice that one) but they still didn't come up too badly. I haven't knitted with something so fine as this 3 ply from the Knittery and it was very lovely to work with.

almost done...

and blocking.
specs: Yarn is the Knittery's merino slim sock in Bloody Mary, 100g bought but I probably only used 2/3 of it.
Pattern is bex's luminaires which is free on The Knittery's website.
I am off to decide what to cast of for the next pair now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A question

So in the practice sock that I made today I only had one bit that made me pause and it was the SSK instruction. It is the directional opposite of a k2tog. So my question is "is a ssk the same as a sl1, k1, psso?" OR "is it the same as a k2tog tbl?" or is it more twisty than that?
It may not matter, but being new to this sock knitting business I am wondering what the Australian version of this instruction would be. Who knew we actually use different terminology as well as needle sizes throughout the world....

not just yet

I am almost finished my first pair of socks - which I confess I did start in September so I hope you will allow me a little room to still count them as part of my summer of socks. They are Bex's Luminaries in 3 ply merino sock slim from the knittery and I have to say, even with the mistakes, they are very fine.

I can't abide showing them without my toes covered- so no photos just yet - maybe tomorrow??? unless I get creative with photo editor tonight.

Yes, it's love, true love

I love love love this sock, this yarn, this pattern - so much so that I couldn't put it to one side while I knit on actual deadline projects. So it was finished at the expense of other things!

I've got no regrets - but sock two will have to wait!

Yarn - Koigu KPPPM bought in New York January 2007
Pattern - Cat Bordhi's Bartholomew's Tantalising Socks

More photos on the blog.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Setting my personal challenge

My personal challenge will be to finish the Spiral Boot Socks that I started last SSoS. If I achieve that, then I'm going to embark on the uber ambitious Garden Gate socks. That will probably last me at least another two SSoS!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

more Jaywalkers

Another pair down and the second Jaywalker for the blog.
I liked the colourway so much I bought another ball in the Lindcraft Sale

Details - Jaywalkers -
  • knitted from the top down,
  • on 2.5mm addi turbos one sock at time on two circular needles. They don't match perfectly with either the stripes or the knitting.
  • Short row heel.
  • Hot socks by Lindcraft

post script
I forgot to mention the story of these socks - my sister in law visited the wool museum in Geelong with us last year and expressed an interest in knititng. Socks in particular - so I sent down some wool, needles and a pattern. A few months later a tangled mess was shown to me and I took back all the bits and promised some knitted socks in return. And here they are.....

Saturday, October 18, 2008


just to get the ball rolling, an old favourite of many...

Jaywalkers, using Opal Dreamcatcher #1237

More details on my blog

Friday, October 17, 2008

warm feet for some little one

I've had a pretty stressful year all up. There was mum's leukemia diagnosis 13 months ago, moving out and all the nastiness and tensions associated with that, visits to the solicitor, long trips to work, a month off work with the flu and pneumonia and finally mum's stroke and shingles along with a sodium imbalance which was causing exhaustion. I thought she was gone a couple of days ago but she seems to have rallied. Her hair, face, pillow and sheets were all much the same colour. Early days yet though after a stroke and her sodium levels have suddenly and inexplicably plummeted again.

However, there have been many blessing along the way. I'm listing these, not to sound trite or proselytising, but as a reminder to myself. I have my faith which acts as a strong undergirding to my life. There is the support and loving concern of all my close family. I have a network of very good friends and some strong shoulders and listening ears.. Internet friends have been a very real support too. There is a roof over my head and food to eat and a job. Even a small cat who knows when she needs to climb on my lap and snuggle. I'm blessed.

There is always someone I can help. I've made quite a lot of knitted goods for charity purposes over the years. One of my goals for this year's Southern Summer of Socks was to try to match, pair for pair, all socks done by me here.

I've decided I want to have a sizable parcel for next year's collection for Winterwarm which is collecting warm clothing, knitted hats, socks, scarves etc for people in Afghanistan. I've done a couple of scarves, two shawls and a hat. Here's the first pair of socks. These were a very quick knit in 8 ply wool. Actually, it could be 12 ply. It was bought many years ago and there is no indication what it really was. 4 mm needles. I started these about 9:00 pm on Wednesday evening and finished them early on Friday morning. If I hadn't had to work, they would have been done sometime Thursday. What a pity!!

So where is the pair they match? Two socks in a pair, and I have two socks. Not the same I hear someone say? The footie was from last year's sea cell prize. The long sock happened because of a bad case of startitis. It's some of Katie's wool in Voodoo colour from Live 2Knit. Beautiful to knit and I'm pleased with them. Actually, I have about half the second footie already done. I'll finish that and then do the second of my design, Charlie's socks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

42 pairs of socks worth

I am quite embarrassed but will endevour to make a dent on this during the next few months.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first ever pair of socks

My personal challenge: to knit one pair of socks!

I have never knit socks before but I'm willing to give them a try. I have a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in the lagoon colourway (all greens and blues) now what am I going to knit?

I have dpns, I have the pattern that came on the ball band, before I start are there any other suggestions for a first pair of socks pattern?


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First offical pair this summer

These are for my friend Sal who has had a really rough trot with her health in the past year. But she has very large feet - 27cm long!!!!!!! I am a very good friend indeed.

They are from Patonyle purchased from The Silver Thread in Mullumbimby.
Construction was toe up with magic cast on, short row heel and cast off where you pick up a stitch in between each rib and cast it off - great loose top for the socks.
I am currently knitting on 2 circular needles but doing one sock at a time - faster gratification and easier to transport for the train. Socks have become my train knitting at the moment.

My First Pair with Wollmeise

My friend alala in Germany sent me a skein of Wollmeise a while ago, and because it was so special, I didn't knit anything with it for the longest time. Finally I decided it was time and chose a simple pattern, the Tidepool socks, so as not to compete with the colors, which I love. I started these on September 20, but I decided they qualify, since the equinox was only a couple of days later. :) I finished them last night. I've been sewing a lot in between! The coolest part is I still have a smidge more than half a skein left, so I can make another pair of simple socks with this yarn.


Monday, October 13, 2008

my personal challenge and stash

Hi everyone, thought I would share a little. I saw the flash your stash post and since I had the pictures taken that part is easy.

OK so now my personal challenges... You see all the sock yarn above, well it's enough for about 70 pairs of socks but most of that will just be watching from the sock yarn shelves. My wife and I both knit and last spring I bought a spinning wheel. My personal challenge is to spin two and three ply sock yarn for myself and my wife to see which we prefer best. I'll blend some fiber, dye it, spin it and then away we go. We'll try some BFL, Targhee, Merino, Cormo, Bamboo, and some exotic luxury fibers for our boudoir socks. Not that all this sock yarn will go to waste.
So here is the 40 plus pounds of stash that I plan to work from.

Soysilk, Targhee, Seacel/Merino, cashmere, bamboo, BFL, Rambouilett & Falklands and more

And last but not least about 9 pounds of pin drafted Cormo that feels as soft as cashmere.

How many other spinners out here are making their own sock yarn for the SSS

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stash Flash and WIP

Getting into the spirit of things, I'd say I have four or five more pairs of socks now than this time last year, and maybe twice as much yarn - which means my output is slightly more than my input (unless you actually count the balls of yarn in and out, in which case I might go hide for a while) - so the Stash Flash is here:
Stash Flash and the WIP is there: Berlin revisited
Chances of finishing the second sock this week? Buckley's and none.

#2 - The Cotton Socks

I have acheived one knit some cotton socks. Well cotton/bamboo blend. And they show off my new sock blockers :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maybe I'll do better this year....

Last year I finished one pair and started two. One of those two is still on the needles (but I'm on sock two now!!).

Goals for this summer:
  1. Try new patterns. I just got Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitter's Book One. I'd like to try several of her patterns.
  2. Use up some of my sock yarn stash (can't promise not to buy more, but I would like to end the summer with less stash than I have now). ETA: Current count on Ravelry is sock yarn for 30 pairs of socks, not counting the cream patonyle I bought for dyeing.
I've been playing with the sample socks in New Pathways -- this morning I finished this pair:

Rainbow Sky
They're out of 8ply rather than sock yarn, so they were pretty quick. I'm currently working on the Coriolis practice sock.

--Karen from Karen's Craft Odyssey (spinweaveknit on Ravelry)

Somebody up there doesn't want me to finish these socks...

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A

Yarn: Collinette Jitterbug in "Mist"

Rounds left before I finished the sock: 6

Language used when I realised I'd flattened the battery in my car and thus couldn't drive the half-hour to LYS for black Patonyle to finish the $#%^&*!!! sock: Profane
Days before the LYS is open again to sell me said Patonyle: 4
ETA: I keep forgetting to link to my blog - sorry! Kiss My Frog

getting started

On the way at last this summer. Last week end I pulled out all my sock stash so I could refresh my memory as to just what and how much was in there. How much? Quite a lot. Quite a lot indeed. What was it? Lots of bits and pieces, some single socks which I have now frogged because these were early efforts from years ago and they were far too big and sloppy for me and quite a lot of wool including my latest acquisitions. So it's all sorted and like brands stored in bags together and all in a big tote.

However, as I was in the middle of my big sorting job last Sunday, my brother rang to tell me mum was being admitted to hospital several stations up the line. I've spent some time there this week but knitting hasn't really been possible. She's 88 and has had a stroke. Tests also showed that she had an electrolyte imbalance which was making her very weak. Saline etc drips haven't remedied that yet and no one knows why. On top of all that, she has shingles and is in an isolation room in the stroke ward. Her speech is very slurred and she was confused but seems to be better mentally now. She's very tired and complains that sitting up to eat exhausts her and she sleeps for three hours after that. Personally, I think we might have her for Christmas time but probably not much more. Scary thought.

So I finished the sorting today, along with a whole lot of other spring cleaning. Lots and lots of sock wool. I could make socks all summer long and still have a lot left, I guess. I've found a lacy pattern I like and will be designing a sock when i finish charting the pattern.

I have managed some knitting at work. I've been making and have almost finished some footies from the seacell I won as a prize here last year. I just love the colours and have given a rolled edge to the socks. It's easy stuff to knit with and the pattern is very basic because of the constant interruptions at work. I'm about halfway down the foot of the second sock.

So my goals for this season? I'd like to try to use up some of the stash in children's socks to give away. I have a couple of airs which I want to turn into FOs. Other than that, perhaps some more to designs of my own. We'll see. Last year saw me knitting as some serious stress relief. This year will be much more for my own enjoyment and also personal satisfaction in being able to give to others not so blessed and fortunate as I am.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Flickr Group

Just a quick update to let you know that if you are on Flickr, there's now a Flickr group for Southern Summer of Socks.

Head on over and join in so you can post your photos there, as well as here!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

First challenge met.

I have met my first challenge, learn to knit a pair of sock toe-up. These were done 2 at a time on 2 circulars using Silver's sock class toe-up tutorial.

Sock time is here again!

I had so much fun reading about everybody else's sock knitting adventures on the blog last year that I couldn't wait to join in this year.

My personal challenges for this year are:
* Start & finish a pair of gift socks that I promised someone over a year ago
* Learn magic loop
* Finish all my wip's - I seem to have developed a serious case of SSS (I keep on buying more stash & then can't wait to start knitting it up)
* Step out of my comfort zone & start knitting more complicated patterns.

Ciao all.

First goal reached

The second sock of the Moda Vera in the grey colourway is finished. They are fraternal [not identical] twins. I call them topsy-turvy socks. Why? The self-patterning of the yarn is upside down in the second sock.

I've achieved my first goal! That's 100% better than last SSoS!

PS Pop over to my blog for the longer version.

Just found out SS of S is on again

I would like to be in again. My only challenge is to try some new ways of making socks. I would also like to take part in any swap. Cheers

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crocheted socks #1

To be honest, I started them on September 22, but the second sock was started on October 2, so it kind of counts, right?

Wollmeise crocheted socks

I used Wollmeise sock yarn in the Sonne colourway. The pattern is "Pebbled Sand" from the Crocheted Socks book by Janet Rehfeldt. I love these socks. The colour is eye-bleedingly vivid. Can't wait until autumn next year when I can wear them.

The rest of the story (and more photos) is here.

Michelle (quiltingmick)

Try again

I didn't meet my goals last Summer, so I'll set some more realistic ones this Summer.... probably along the lines of: knit from stash, and finish some xmas socks. I probably should add in: learn a new technique - maybe toe-up, or magic loop. I'm looking forward to lots of socky inspiration.

(I seem to be missing from the sidebar list, although I might have once been confused with Nette Knits - could you add me in, pretty please?)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

goodies in the mailbox

Yarn pr0n indeed! Two parcels were waiting for me in the mailbox when arrived home from work a few minutes ago. Well, three actually, but one was batteries for my hearing aids, not exciting at all, even if essential.

The top three skeins are from Katie at Live2Knit. From the left, Lilacs, Spring and Voodoo. The other two underneath are from Daphne at the Knittery. Dark green is called Rainforest and the other is Daisy. Again I love these too. They are in the slim sock wool category of her website. By the way, both these shops are under "need yarn?" section in sidebar of this blog.

I'm particularly happy with both green skeins. I like green but somehow seem to have missed out on much sock knitting in that colour. I love these. The rainforest does not show really well here. It's a lovely rich green. Spring green from Katie is just that. A bright, chirpy spring green, quite a contrast to the Rainforest but again a colour I'm really glad I chose.

Wool from these two suppliers is always gorgeous to knit, so now I will let them tell me what to do.

The other day when shopping, I bought a copy of the ABC's cooking magazine, delicious. As a freebie there was a pack of the tiny post-it notes which can be used to mark pages in books. These came with cooking type labels on them like "desserts." Six sections. I used them to work my way through a couple of stitch dictionaries to mark possibilities for sock patterns. I've used about twenty and there are literally hundreds left. So perhaps not an intended use, but very useful for me. A pleasant way too to spend some time on a cold, wet and windy afternoon.

pass the slipped stitch over

Count me in again!

Last year I knitted 5 pairs of socks for SSoS.

My challenge this year is:

1. Knit more than 5 pairs.
2. Knit only from sock yarn already in my possession.
3. Try magic loop. Have yarn, needle and instructions. Should be easy, right?

I've already started my first pair with a multi-blues Patonyle which is knitting up very quickly.

I am looking forward to progressing and to knitting many, many pairs of socks.

(Last year was known as Nette Knits. That blog no longer exists.)

Flash of The Stash

OK here it is. I'm waiting on a couple more skeins that should be here this week and we won't talk about the two sock clubs I've signed up for lol! OK it's Sundara and The Plucky Knitter! A bit excited!
The dollar is tanking now so very little o/s yarn for me from now on. Well since I've come clean on the stash you can see I don't really "need" anymore do I?
I'm currently working on Komet in Crystal Palace Cotton and that is coming along nicely. One sock almost done. I'll be gifting those to MIL for her birthday in November. Nice cotton blend sock for the Adelaide summer.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Honesty, the best policy?

I have a confession to make. I was a non finisher last season. Yep, didn't make it. So this year, my plan is to finish my sock WIPS. I don't care if it's a pair, just finish the ones on the needles now, a pair is a bouns. Í might make it The Southern Summer of SINGLE Socks!
So in an effort to be honest and up front, here's my WIPS today.

I have Nutkin (BMFA STR in Hollyday), Jaywalkers (BMFA STR Farmhouse), Ribbed men's socks (Heirloom Arglye), and a magic loop sock (Opal). I also have earmarked my first toe ups (Wendy's generic to up sock pattern) in the last reincarnation of patonyle.

Oh, and as I'm being honest, a Sock Yarn Flash Your Stash....

Anyone else keen to fess up?

Cheers, Rachael

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am not starting as i mean to go on, but...

here is my first FO - Monkeys begun during the last SSoS!!!1
A Pair of Monkeys!!!
One WIP/UFPS (Un-Finished Pair of Socks) down, at least six to go!!! (Plus all the socks on the mental to-do-list!)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I know I am on the other side of the world now but.....

I think I HAVE to join in. No, I NEED to join in. 

Not because the temperature in London has dipped to 13 degrees & below (in the middle of the day people!). 

Not because they haven't turned the heating on in our apartment building (WTF is that about! Who replaces a boiler when it gets cold???).

But because I need to finish these bad boys.

Thats right, these are the first (and only) pair of so
cks I started for the last Southern Summer of Socks. Yep that's right peeps, I think I am officially, somewhat embarrassedly (I didn't own up to it last year) THE wooden spoon-er from last year. 

I am not setting any goals except to finish these. 

Any other socks I knit are a bonus!!

One down.....

So I finished in October does that count? These are my Sockdown 08 Orange september socks. This is my first time posting pics to a blog so I hope it works. The pattern is Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn A. Clark. The yarn is Patonyle dyed by me. I'm gifting these to my aunt that's why they look a little big...too big for me.
I have managed to accumulate a truckload of sock yarn over the last few months....Etsy anyone? I'll posta pic when DH isn't around to faint when I pull it all out!
I really want to knit some down as it's all gorgeous and I have so many plans. I'm hoping to do at least 10 pairs over summer. These guys took me 8 days so I hope my mojo continues!

I'm in!

You've dragged me back in, ladies. I don't have any fancy ambitious goals this year, other than using up some of my sock yarn stash. But count me in!

I got in some practice last week...

I finally found some time to sit down with some leftover sock yarn (the Knittery merino cashmere sock yarn in midnight, if you're interested!), dpns and this book:
and made these:Little Coriolis sock on the left, and Little Sky sock on the right. Cat Bordhi really is a design genius!
Little Coriolis is knit toe up with the "gusset" increases going over the instep of the foot in the spiral pattern, with a regular turned heel and heel flap at the back of the heel. Little Sky is knit top down, with the "gusset" increases coming from a centre point at the top of the instep down each side of the top of the foot. Then you turn the heel and the heel flap ends up underneath the heel.

I'm really looking forward to knitting a me-sized pair of socks from this book - starting this weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

comfort eating buying sock wool

I'm not too sure how it happened but I've just bought enough gorgeous wool for quite a few pairs of socks. Some is from the Knittery, and some from Live2Knit. I have used these shops before several times and love the yarns from them. Service is wonderful too. Service with a smile and a personal touch. Always wins with me.

Actually it was the colours that drew me in. I was surfing the net, as you do when bored, and visited Katie's site. I promptly ordered some. I've been really good about buying sock wool and haven't bought any for absolutely ages. I'm trying to knIt only from stash as sometime I will need to move again from here when all is settled. No idea when that will be. But I succumbed.

So I went to Daphne's shop and found myself oohing and aahing over beautiful colourways and my fingers clicked again. This time I have ordered some greens. It's a colour I love, but rarely buy. I think I was influenced by all the beautiful new foliage wherever I looked out of my second floor window.

I'll wait till the yarn arrives before looking for definite patterns. It will tell me what to do, although I do have a few ideas to help it decide! LOL.

The Sock Crocheter

I participated last year and wasn't too successful as I think I only made 2 1/2 pairs of socks. I recall I had a lot of entries to the show to make at the time, and I may have gotten a little waylaid.

But this year I'm back and I'm crocheting socks with a vengeance. The reason? I want to get through some of this sock yarn stash:

I've already used the brown Regia, and half the Sonne Wollmeise, and I sold some Patonyle ... but the rest is mine for the crocheting.

And I haven't mentioned yet that in about February next year I'm taking possession of five projects' worth of Knitpicks sock yarn, so I need to make room!

That's my only goal - to crochet lots of socks. My goal is five pairs.



I just joined for my very first Southern Summer of Socks since I'm all about the socks these days and have grand plans for Socktoberfest that will most likely continue into the following months. My main goal is to try to reduce my 20,000+ meters of sock yarn. That's enough for over 60 pairs! I obviously won't be able to knit through anywhere close to all of that, but I'm still aiming high – 15-20 pairs of socks by the end of March. So far I've knit one single sock since October 1st.

Elin // By Elin

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Summer Challenges

  1. learn Magic Loop
  2. try 2 pairs at once on 2 circs
  3. make a pair of lace socks
  4. knit up all the Yarn Collective Sock Club yarns that arrive over the challenge period
  5. learn to knit toe-up socks
I have just sorted out all my sock wool and I have enough for more than 30 pairs, so I'd better get knitting :)

This is Great

Please count me in. I watched many others enjoy the northern summer of socks and have itchy hands (or should that be feet??) just busting to get going.

Deborah (aka Herebeknitting)

PS. Just left a comment on the post by Rose Red saying I couldn't work out how to post - clearly that has been adjusted and all systems are now go.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh, Me Too!

Lots going on here in a week! I hadn't checked the blog and next thing I know it's up and rolling full blast! Count me in, although I have no idea what I might accomplish after October 20. My goals will be simple: knit from stash, and, um, actually knit. (For those who don't know me, I'm expecting my third child via c-section on October 20.) I can't promise they'll be adult socks. I seem to be addicted to the teeny baby ones.

Sock on, y'all!!

--amy in Rhode Island, where it's Autumn
I'm keeping it simple this year: I'm going to only knit from stash (not exactly a hardship, as I have enough ready-to-go sock yarn for 24 pairs) plus I have some dyeing adventures in the offing.

Oh, and there are Christmas socks to knit, and I want me a pair of Francies (Rav-link). Other than that, let the dice fall where they may.

Can't wait to see everybody's socky goodness.

New to this!

Hi :)

I'm new to all this and have just recently gone a bit(ok a lot) sock crazy!

My goals for summer are:

1. To learn toe up
2. To knit at two at a time on two circs
3. To knit some cotton socks
4. To work on my short row heels
5. To knit the Spina di Pesce on it's way to me

Hope it's fun! Looking forward to seeing everyone elses socks!

OK I'm in again!

Right then

1. Finish the 4 partly finished pairs which have been languishing since June when I started feeling the scarf and cardi love (Serendipity, Francie, vanilla, and Sprin sproing).

2. at least 4 other pairs, one of which must be toe up (probably mojo)

3. Design another sock pattern

That should do it - I also intend to get into the cardi love and get some of them done!

Thanks girls for doing this again!