Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maybe I'll do better this year....

Last year I finished one pair and started two. One of those two is still on the needles (but I'm on sock two now!!).

Goals for this summer:
  1. Try new patterns. I just got Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitter's Book One. I'd like to try several of her patterns.
  2. Use up some of my sock yarn stash (can't promise not to buy more, but I would like to end the summer with less stash than I have now). ETA: Current count on Ravelry is sock yarn for 30 pairs of socks, not counting the cream patonyle I bought for dyeing.
I've been playing with the sample socks in New Pathways -- this morning I finished this pair:

Rainbow Sky
They're out of 8ply rather than sock yarn, so they were pretty quick. I'm currently working on the Coriolis practice sock.

--Karen from Karen's Craft Odyssey (spinweaveknit on Ravelry)


Lynne said...

Very pretty yarn - those socks will certainly brighten someone's day!

Rose Red said...

We'll have to have a mini-CatBordhi-KAL!