Thursday, October 30, 2008

charlie's socks done and dusted

Here are Charlie's socks, all finished. The wool is Voodoo colourway from Katie at Live2Knit. It's somewhat washed out here with late afternoon sun coming in my room from the west and camera battery was fairly flat. A much better idea of the pretty colours in this yarn can be seen here.

Charlie? King Charles who was executed in 1649 by Cromwell apparently wore a vest to his execution with a pattern now known as King Charles brocade. The Barbara Walker stitch books have this as a raised diamond. I didn't know that when I designed these socks. I adapted the stitch from Lace and Eyelet Stitches, E. Knight, Collins & Brown, London, 2007. The stitch has an easy eight row pattern and I adapted it to be knit in the round. Eight repeats down leg and seven on the foot. The stitch repeat is eleven stitches and I added an extra five so I had sixty four stitches in total. If more were needed, the pattern could be centred with stocking stitch at each side.

The wool is lovely to knit and despite reasonable longish legs, I have some left over.

pass the slipped stitch over


Diantee said...

Love your socks. Great pattern

Bells said...

Great socks and I love how you arrived at the name!

Rose Red said...

Oh these are fantastic Jan, love the pattern and the yarn and the name!

Ann said...

Love the pattern & thanks for the great story on the name.

Michelle said...

I LOVE that colourway!