Friday, October 3, 2008

The Sock Crocheter

I participated last year and wasn't too successful as I think I only made 2 1/2 pairs of socks. I recall I had a lot of entries to the show to make at the time, and I may have gotten a little waylaid.

But this year I'm back and I'm crocheting socks with a vengeance. The reason? I want to get through some of this sock yarn stash:

I've already used the brown Regia, and half the Sonne Wollmeise, and I sold some Patonyle ... but the rest is mine for the crocheting.

And I haven't mentioned yet that in about February next year I'm taking possession of five projects' worth of Knitpicks sock yarn, so I need to make room!

That's my only goal - to crochet lots of socks. My goal is five pairs.



Rose Red said...

five pairs! woo hoo! Nice stash pic too.

Hollie said...

Noice stash! What's all the KP for? I'd love to get some KP sock yarn ;)