Sunday, October 19, 2008

more Jaywalkers

Another pair down and the second Jaywalker for the blog.
I liked the colourway so much I bought another ball in the Lindcraft Sale

Details - Jaywalkers -
  • knitted from the top down,
  • on 2.5mm addi turbos one sock at time on two circular needles. They don't match perfectly with either the stripes or the knitting.
  • Short row heel.
  • Hot socks by Lindcraft

post script
I forgot to mention the story of these socks - my sister in law visited the wool museum in Geelong with us last year and expressed an interest in knititng. Socks in particular - so I sent down some wool, needles and a pattern. A few months later a tangled mess was shown to me and I took back all the bits and promised some knitted socks in return. And here they are.....


Rose Red said...

Ha, that's a good way of getting someone to knit socks for you! You are a kind soul! (no pun intended!)

missfee said...

or just a big sucker who is addicted to knitting

Lynne said...

Ah purdy!