Monday, October 13, 2008

my personal challenge and stash

Hi everyone, thought I would share a little. I saw the flash your stash post and since I had the pictures taken that part is easy.

OK so now my personal challenges... You see all the sock yarn above, well it's enough for about 70 pairs of socks but most of that will just be watching from the sock yarn shelves. My wife and I both knit and last spring I bought a spinning wheel. My personal challenge is to spin two and three ply sock yarn for myself and my wife to see which we prefer best. I'll blend some fiber, dye it, spin it and then away we go. We'll try some BFL, Targhee, Merino, Cormo, Bamboo, and some exotic luxury fibers for our boudoir socks. Not that all this sock yarn will go to waste.
So here is the 40 plus pounds of stash that I plan to work from.

Soysilk, Targhee, Seacel/Merino, cashmere, bamboo, BFL, Rambouilett & Falklands and more

And last but not least about 9 pounds of pin drafted Cormo that feels as soft as cashmere.

How many other spinners out here are making their own sock yarn for the SSS


Leonie said...

That's not stash...that's more than one somebody's idea of heaven even without the fibre for spinning. Look at the colours, the combinations and then you have the fibres themselves.....WOW!

Rose Red said...

Oh my!!! Oh my!!! I'm lost for words!

Ok, now I've got my breath back...what a great yarn stash, and what a great goal - spinning your own sock yarn - that's fabulous!

Melinda said...

Yes, I'm also hoping to finish spinning some sock yarn. I have been spinning this one batt for a year now, and I hope to ply it and knit some socks!

Your stash is quite gob-smacking.

Bells said...

Amazing. Breathtaking. What fun to think of knitting with all that!

Nellie said...

What a sensational stash! I salute you both!