Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome to SSoS 2009/2010!

Yes! Summer is here! Well, the Southern Summer of Socks anyway. By the powers vested in me by, oh, me, I declare summer has commenced! Sock knitters unite!

Bells and I have decided that most of the action this year will happen on Ravelry, in the SSoS group - we both participated in the Tour de France KAL this year which ran entirely on Ravelry and it worked really well!

But we know not everyone is necessarily on Ravelry or has a blog, so if you want to post on the SSoS blog that's absolutely fine, we won't be shutting it down or getting rid of anything, as there's lots of good info and sock knitting on here!

We hope you'll join us and have some fun knitting socks together this summer!