Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We didn't mean to go out with a whimper, honest. Somehow, as it seems to do, life got in the way. Sorry about that! For the last huzzah, we'd like firstly to thank everyone who took part in our inaugural Southern Summer of Socks and in particular those who generously offered and provided prizes:


The Knittery

Knitting Inspirations


(check 'em all out! Buy yarn from them!).

We'd also like to thank Amy for her behind the scenes assistance in helping with buttons and general support and niceness. We'd like to thank everyone who entered our competitions, everyone who posted and everyone who responded to questions with tips, tricks and links. And finally we'd like to congratulate everyone who achieved their sock knitting goals and in particular those of you who have now come to be sock knitting lovers!

And we think no-one has demonstrated their dedication to the knitted sock than Crafty Carolyn, who managed to knit 20 pairs of socks this summer - wow! Our very last prize will soon be winging it's way to her in recognition of this achievement (just send us an email with your address, Carolyn!).

We haven't decided whether we'll run SSoS again next summer…but we'll leave the blog up and hope you will drop by from time to time and tell us what socks you are knitting. It's been a lot of fun and we are so thrilled you all joined us!

Bells and RoseRed

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Results soon?

I don't want to be a bother, but I'm curious when we might hear the final results of the contest.

Friday, April 4, 2008

As summer draws to a close...

Well, I know summer has finished already, but it's the Southern Summer of Socks I'm talking about!
We've got one more prize to give away, a lovely skein of yarn and stitchmarkers from Donyale, and we might even be able to come up with another prize or two, so we'll announce our final competition(s) this week.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear about the socks you've made, the challenges you've conquered and an update on your goals!

To start the ball rolling, here's my most recent sock:
Yep, it was a sock, now it's string. Read about my most recent sock woes here. Oh, and here (about a different sock...). But at least I had a success with these ones.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What? Finished? Already?

Errrrm, excuse me Ladies but I think that's just TOOOO quick. It can't really be April already.

Socks, oh yes - what did I knit?
  1. A pair of socks for my Grandmother who taught me to knit, but now has dementia and can't remember how. Hand dyed, hand spun and gifted on Christmas Day.
  2. A pair of Nutkin Socks in Socks that Rock
  3. A pair of test knit Jenny Wren socks (for the designer of the Nutkin Socks) in Socks that Rock.
  4. Finished 1 sock of the Firestarter
  5. A pair of socks I designed myself called Mojo
  6. Southern Summer of Socks

1. snake stripe, 2. a 144, 3. jenny w, 4. Nutkin, 5. firestarter, 6. nana's socks, 7. Mojo, 8. jenny w, 9. firestarter, 10. firestarter, 11. Mojo, 12. firestarter, 13. Jenny Wren

Sheesh - I did more than I thought.

Thanks Ladies - too much fun!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I forgot!

I posted these on my blog and forgot to include them here! This was a nice pair of socks to knit up and they're very warm. The pattern is Just Ribbing Socks by Apple Laine and the yarn was Schaeffer Heather in the Gertrude Ederle colorway. More details here. I really enjoyed this KAL and got more done than I thought. Sadly, I didn't finish my toe up socks, which was part of my challenge, but I do have a pair on the needles, so I guess that's progress! Thanks to all who were involved in this KAL, it was great fun and a wonderful motivator!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Whistle Blows

For a full round-up and all the post-match analysis, see my blog.

Finished Objects - Summer's Ended!

Here are the final finished objects and the total tally for SSoS! Here they all are together.

I knitted 6 complete pairs and 3 incomplete pairs! (from right to left - Vog Ons, Secret Socks, Noropups, Tulips, Nutkins, Kaibashira plus the part pairs lying on top) A grand total of 15 socks!

Most recent FOs - the Noropups

The Nutkins in The Knittery's gorgeous Merino Cashmere in the Sea Life colourway

Incomplete: Tidal Wave in Vesper (1.4 socks)

Serendipity in Dragon Dance STR (1.1 socks)

Vanilla in Blue Patonyle Fakeisle (0.6 socks)

Summer's over, these socks are done. In mitigation, I also knitted 2 jumpers, a top, most of a cardigan, part of a gathered pullover, 6 bags, most of a string bag, some scarves and some dishcloths and some other bits and bobs (teacosies etc!) I also participated in 2 swaps - so I'm pretty impressed I finished this many socks!

A big round of applause for Bells and Rosered please! This has been such fun and very motivating and I've loved seeing everyone's FOs!

One last picture - the Tidal Wave on Holiday in Rutherglen! (at a winery and cafe - sshhh!)

Thank you all.

First of all I want to thank Rose Red and Bells for running the SS of S and allowing us Northern Hemisphere folks to participate. Seeing the socks from all over in so many different yarns and color ways and patterns were amazing.

Here are my final socks for submission finished at 11:40 PM the night before it all ended, literally weaving in the toe of the second sock just a few minutes before Midnight PST. Actually my lovely wife did these for me :)

The 4th pair of the year, Monkey no purls from Webs hand painted Kangaroo sock yarn. Oh these are made in a men's size 15US or 49 Eur..... Dubbed the "Man-Monkeys"

In January these were completed...

Colintte Jitterbug color way Marble. Pattern was a knit picks Lilly of the Valley.

February was a two sock month.

First was Pomatomus
Araucania Ranco Multi 310 - Purple-Blue-Berry

2nd were these no purl Monkeys made from Shi Bui color way Sky

It was a real pleasure Thanks!
Twisted Knitster