Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finished Objects - Summer's Ended!

Here are the final finished objects and the total tally for SSoS! Here they all are together.

I knitted 6 complete pairs and 3 incomplete pairs! (from right to left - Vog Ons, Secret Socks, Noropups, Tulips, Nutkins, Kaibashira plus the part pairs lying on top) A grand total of 15 socks!

Most recent FOs - the Noropups

The Nutkins in The Knittery's gorgeous Merino Cashmere in the Sea Life colourway

Incomplete: Tidal Wave in Vesper (1.4 socks)

Serendipity in Dragon Dance STR (1.1 socks)

Vanilla in Blue Patonyle Fakeisle (0.6 socks)

Summer's over, these socks are done. In mitigation, I also knitted 2 jumpers, a top, most of a cardigan, part of a gathered pullover, 6 bags, most of a string bag, some scarves and some dishcloths and some other bits and bobs (teacosies etc!) I also participated in 2 swaps - so I'm pretty impressed I finished this many socks!

A big round of applause for Bells and Rosered please! This has been such fun and very motivating and I've loved seeing everyone's FOs!

One last picture - the Tidal Wave on Holiday in Rutherglen! (at a winery and cafe - sshhh!)

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