Thursday, April 3, 2008

What? Finished? Already?

Errrrm, excuse me Ladies but I think that's just TOOOO quick. It can't really be April already.

Socks, oh yes - what did I knit?
  1. A pair of socks for my Grandmother who taught me to knit, but now has dementia and can't remember how. Hand dyed, hand spun and gifted on Christmas Day.
  2. A pair of Nutkin Socks in Socks that Rock
  3. A pair of test knit Jenny Wren socks (for the designer of the Nutkin Socks) in Socks that Rock.
  4. Finished 1 sock of the Firestarter
  5. A pair of socks I designed myself called Mojo
  6. Southern Summer of Socks

1. snake stripe, 2. a 144, 3. jenny w, 4. Nutkin, 5. firestarter, 6. nana's socks, 7. Mojo, 8. jenny w, 9. firestarter, 10. firestarter, 11. Mojo, 12. firestarter, 13. Jenny Wren

Sheesh - I did more than I thought.

Thanks Ladies - too much fun!

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