Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Personal Challenge 2008/2009?

I’ve decided this summer of socks for me is going to be about new techniques (and, let’s face it, some tried and tested ones too I’m sure!).

Last summer I did my first toe-up socks, socks on two circs, magic loop and even socks on one circ (the teeny tiny 30cm addis!).

This summer I’m embarking on a Cat Bordi New Pathways for Sock Knitters exploration. And I thought we could use the SSoS blog to post tips, techniques and tutorials (maybe a Tutorial Tuesday?) and flash the stash (Stash Saturday?)

What are your personal challenges or goals for this Southern Summer of Socks 2008/2009? Share in the comments or post your own!

A record?

Hurrah! This will give me motivation to complete the mate for the spiral boot sock I started in the last SSoS!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

socks from me too!

I too have been turning over in my mind a pattern for new socks. Perhaps it's something in the air, just like the scent of jasmine and freesias and the thousands of tiny leaves floating down from the jacarandas in preparation for flowers. I've done quite a few pairs over winter but am looking at something lacy and spring like. I almost always have at least one pair on the needles, but have lately been doing scarves for charity giving.

I've no real plans for knitting any particular number of pairs. Then again, I had no knitting plans last year either. I just did lots of them as stress relief!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yes, me too!

I hadn't knit any socks since last summer season - then, a few weeks ago, I felt the urge to cast on again! Must be the warmer weather! Just in time for Southern Summer of Socks - can't wait!


Ok, I'll play

But I think I shall set very vague goals this year, like "knit something from a Tofutsies yarn in my stash" and "consider finishing some of the many partial socks in that basket over there" :>
Kate, from Knights Don't Knit.

Is Summer Here ?

I can't believe that summer is around the corner & SSS is 3 days away. I am not looking forward to the heat in summer but I love SSS & of course I am in! Thanks Bells & Rose Red for making this possible.

Goodness me

It's rather exciting to see so many sock knitters are so keen to gear up again for Southern Summer of Socks!!

How thrilling! 

Like many of you, I'm not in it for speed or numbers, just the chance to focus on the sock knitting (although I'll be doing a fair amount of lace, too, separately).

Can't wait to kick off and see what everyone's got in mind to work on.


I'm in!

I definitely want in again this year. It was a great motivation for me...and right now I need motivation! Now to find my sock I was knitting...

Friday, September 26, 2008

hello Bells and Rose Red!

that time of the year again, already?! I'm in for another round :)

if you'll have me...


Joining, but in the Slow Lane

This Summer I am knitting for fun and not ambition.
As such my comitment is a little leisurely.
  • 1 pair a month (minimum)
  • My first wollmeise (x2) Anniversary Socks..yet to pick patterns
  • Use some of my STR from BMFA
  • Be Inspired by the wonderful sock knitting of others and take on a bit more if I feel like it.
Roll on Summer!

I am so here

I have already knitted 3.5 pairs of socks since spring started so I am in.

feelin the sock love

oh i cant help it, yes i am in! i loved it last year tho i did suffer from performance anxiety. i like the swap idea, esp the three way one. i am also committed to lace this summer, so looks like there will be some lace socks happening here! thanks guys for getting this going again. k xxx


I have increased my sock yarn stash [trebled it probably] so I'm in. Hopefully the frozen shoulders won't give me grief this summer and I'll even produce a pair [or more]!

Hey, Suzi - i did less: I didn't even finish one sock!


The Southern Summer of Socks is on again! I'm in - I have managed to build up a bit of a stash of sock yarn, so I'll be doing some summer socks de-stashing.


Me too!

Hey Rose,
I would love to join in again too....even though i only managed to finish one sock last time..:( ...hopefully i will do better next time!
Also please note that my blog name has changed...used to be Lili's Garden (i accidently deleted that...doh!! dont ask me how!)
I'm in again too, Rose.



continuing the tradition

Count me in, thanks RR, and Bells.

cheers, gemma (and yes I may have started a new Tofutsies plain vanilla sock at the Zoo yesterday)

Roll on October.

Yes, we're back!

So after some procrastination and deep thinking, and some gentle prodding in the Ravelry group, SSoS is back for 2008/2009! Woo hoo!

This year there might be a few less competitions but there might be a swap or two instead if enough people are interested. But hopefully, as with last year, there will be lots of great socks knitted, technique sharing, general learning and socky goodness and fun.

Everyone who participated last year is still in the sidebar and still has posting privileges - I'll leave it that way until the end of October and then will delete anyone who hasn't either (a) posted to the blog or (b) left a comment on this post to say they want to participate or (c) emailed the SSoS email (see sidebar) to say they are in! You can also join the Ravelry group but we encourage you to post to the blog as well (makes it lots more fun!).

New participants also most welcome - see (b) or (c) options above! If you are new, we'll need an email address for you to send you an invitation to enable you to post on the blog.

For the newbies, Southern Summer of Socks is designed simply as a fun, relaxed way to knit through your sock yarn stash. We aim to keep it as straight forward as possible, with minimal rules and guidelines and plenty of time to knit all the socks you can or want to manage in the time. Socks are ideal summer knitting because they're small and easier to deal with in the heat than a huge, heavy jumper. And they make ideal Christmas gifts.

As with last year, SSoS will run for 6 months - starting on 1 October and ending on 30 April 2009, and is open to anyone in the world (not just our southern hemisphere friends!). Sign up or renew now for a summer of socky splendidness!*

(*yeah, I know that's not a word!)