Friday, September 26, 2008

Me too!

Hey Rose,
I would love to join in again too....even though i only managed to finish one sock last time..:( ...hopefully i will do better next time!
Also please note that my blog name has changed...used to be Lili's Garden (i accidently deleted that...doh!! dont ask me how!)


Kate said...

Hey, Suzi, you knit a whole entire sock! Your first ever! That is cause for celebration, not frownie-emoticons! :D

Rose Red said...

Welcome back Suzi - one sock is better than none at all!

Suzi said...

Thanks Kate...i have started on the next is stilll waiting for his pair! Maybe for this winter coming huh??

Hiya Rose...thatnsk for the welcome!~As least i know now that I CAN knit a sock!