Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First offical pair this summer

These are for my friend Sal who has had a really rough trot with her health in the past year. But she has very large feet - 27cm long!!!!!!! I am a very good friend indeed.

They are from Patonyle purchased from The Silver Thread in Mullumbimby.
Construction was toe up with magic cast on, short row heel and cast off where you pick up a stitch in between each rib and cast it off - great loose top for the socks.
I am currently knitting on 2 circular needles but doing one sock at a time - faster gratification and easier to transport for the train. Socks have become my train knitting at the moment.


Lynne said...

That is very pretty yarn and they match so well - you must be a magician as well as a good friend!

missfee said...

that was the tricky bit matching them up - especially when she tried one on and it was too big! I had to cut the toes down and kitchener stitch them together.

Ann said...

You are a great friend to knit such lovely socks!

Rose Red said...

Oh what a lot of effort - especially having to resize them - very lucky friend!!

I haven't heard of that cast off method - very interesting!