Thursday, October 30, 2008

winterwarm socks

Another two pairs, one deep purple and white, the other in your face yellow Opal. Both for Winterwarm. I've made several pairs of the Opal and the ball seems no smaller, even though I also made one of a pair for me. It turned out too sloppy for my liking, I like my socks snug, but I haven't yet frogged it. I guess the wool I have left will make several more pairs of children's socks. It depends on two things - my patience with the bright yellow and the amount of wool. I wonder which will be exhausted first?

I really don't like knitting with Opal. It's thin like string and annoys the arthritis in my fingers. However, it washes like a dream and mine go in the dryer too. I'm still wearing a pair many years old and they look like new.

pass the slipped stitch over

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Bells said...

I'm not a fan of it either. I never really had a problem with it until I was at a conference and knitted with it for 6 hours straight. My fingers felt like crap afterwards and I've not had the inclination to return to it!

They're very cute though and you're right. It does wash like a dream.