Saturday, October 11, 2008

getting started

On the way at last this summer. Last week end I pulled out all my sock stash so I could refresh my memory as to just what and how much was in there. How much? Quite a lot. Quite a lot indeed. What was it? Lots of bits and pieces, some single socks which I have now frogged because these were early efforts from years ago and they were far too big and sloppy for me and quite a lot of wool including my latest acquisitions. So it's all sorted and like brands stored in bags together and all in a big tote.

However, as I was in the middle of my big sorting job last Sunday, my brother rang to tell me mum was being admitted to hospital several stations up the line. I've spent some time there this week but knitting hasn't really been possible. She's 88 and has had a stroke. Tests also showed that she had an electrolyte imbalance which was making her very weak. Saline etc drips haven't remedied that yet and no one knows why. On top of all that, she has shingles and is in an isolation room in the stroke ward. Her speech is very slurred and she was confused but seems to be better mentally now. She's very tired and complains that sitting up to eat exhausts her and she sleeps for three hours after that. Personally, I think we might have her for Christmas time but probably not much more. Scary thought.

So I finished the sorting today, along with a whole lot of other spring cleaning. Lots and lots of sock wool. I could make socks all summer long and still have a lot left, I guess. I've found a lacy pattern I like and will be designing a sock when i finish charting the pattern.

I have managed some knitting at work. I've been making and have almost finished some footies from the seacell I won as a prize here last year. I just love the colours and have given a rolled edge to the socks. It's easy stuff to knit with and the pattern is very basic because of the constant interruptions at work. I'm about halfway down the foot of the second sock.

So my goals for this season? I'd like to try to use up some of the stash in children's socks to give away. I have a couple of airs which I want to turn into FOs. Other than that, perhaps some more to designs of my own. We'll see. Last year saw me knitting as some serious stress relief. This year will be much more for my own enjoyment and also personal satisfaction in being able to give to others not so blessed and fortunate as I am.


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. You are in my thoughts.

Rose Red said...

Sorry to hear about your mum Jan. My dad had a stroke 4 years ago and sitting with him in hospital was one thing that really got me back into knitting. Hope you (and your mum) are doing ok.