Friday, October 24, 2008

Do A Thing Called The Crocodile Rox

I am late to the Sock Party, but I suddenly realised I had a sock to share!! I don't know that I have any particular aims for the SSS, but I would like to knit myself four pairs of socks to replace the ones that have worn out in the last few months. I think I would also like to make them all my own patterns.

The first pair have been inspired by my handbag and I wrote about it here.

I have finished one and started the other. I have promised to write out the pattern, so as soon as I have finished knitting them, I'll do that!!!


Harki and Peri Naughty
and now Boogelly Blogger won't let me add any more pictures.


Rose Red said...

Glad you've joined the sock party! I think 4 pairs of self-designed socks is a great goal!

Kathy said...

My mom and I would love to do this - can you point me in a direction to help us get started as we would be newbies.