Tuesday, October 7, 2008

goodies in the mailbox

Yarn pr0n indeed! Two parcels were waiting for me in the mailbox when arrived home from work a few minutes ago. Well, three actually, but one was batteries for my hearing aids, not exciting at all, even if essential.

The top three skeins are from Katie at Live2Knit. From the left, Lilacs, Spring and Voodoo. The other two underneath are from Daphne at the Knittery. Dark green is called Rainforest and the other is Daisy. Again I love these too. They are in the slim sock wool category of her website. By the way, both these shops are under "need yarn?" section in sidebar of this blog.

I'm particularly happy with both green skeins. I like green but somehow seem to have missed out on much sock knitting in that colour. I love these. The rainforest does not show really well here. It's a lovely rich green. Spring green from Katie is just that. A bright, chirpy spring green, quite a contrast to the Rainforest but again a colour I'm really glad I chose.

Wool from these two suppliers is always gorgeous to knit, so now I will let them tell me what to do.

The other day when shopping, I bought a copy of the ABC's cooking magazine, delicious. As a freebie there was a pack of the tiny post-it notes which can be used to mark pages in books. These came with cooking type labels on them like "desserts." Six sections. I used them to work my way through a couple of stitch dictionaries to mark possibilities for sock patterns. I've used about twenty and there are literally hundreds left. So perhaps not an intended use, but very useful for me. A pleasant way too to spend some time on a cold, wet and windy afternoon.

pass the slipped stitch over


Rose Red said...

Lovely yarn! I too especially like the greens - just wonderful!

kgirl said...

that wool looks beautiful! i'm always a sucker for green, so must say I'm biased ;)