Friday, October 17, 2008

warm feet for some little one

I've had a pretty stressful year all up. There was mum's leukemia diagnosis 13 months ago, moving out and all the nastiness and tensions associated with that, visits to the solicitor, long trips to work, a month off work with the flu and pneumonia and finally mum's stroke and shingles along with a sodium imbalance which was causing exhaustion. I thought she was gone a couple of days ago but she seems to have rallied. Her hair, face, pillow and sheets were all much the same colour. Early days yet though after a stroke and her sodium levels have suddenly and inexplicably plummeted again.

However, there have been many blessing along the way. I'm listing these, not to sound trite or proselytising, but as a reminder to myself. I have my faith which acts as a strong undergirding to my life. There is the support and loving concern of all my close family. I have a network of very good friends and some strong shoulders and listening ears.. Internet friends have been a very real support too. There is a roof over my head and food to eat and a job. Even a small cat who knows when she needs to climb on my lap and snuggle. I'm blessed.

There is always someone I can help. I've made quite a lot of knitted goods for charity purposes over the years. One of my goals for this year's Southern Summer of Socks was to try to match, pair for pair, all socks done by me here.

I've decided I want to have a sizable parcel for next year's collection for Winterwarm which is collecting warm clothing, knitted hats, socks, scarves etc for people in Afghanistan. I've done a couple of scarves, two shawls and a hat. Here's the first pair of socks. These were a very quick knit in 8 ply wool. Actually, it could be 12 ply. It was bought many years ago and there is no indication what it really was. 4 mm needles. I started these about 9:00 pm on Wednesday evening and finished them early on Friday morning. If I hadn't had to work, they would have been done sometime Thursday. What a pity!!

So where is the pair they match? Two socks in a pair, and I have two socks. Not the same I hear someone say? The footie was from last year's sea cell prize. The long sock happened because of a bad case of startitis. It's some of Katie's wool in Voodoo colour from Live 2Knit. Beautiful to knit and I'm pleased with them. Actually, I have about half the second footie already done. I'll finish that and then do the second of my design, Charlie's socks.


Rose Red said...

I'm sure it will be a very welcome warm package next winter - the socks look great.

It's always good (but sometimes hard!) to try and focus on the good things, even if they are small - otherwise the bad things can seem overwhelming.

Lynne said...

I love the lacy look of that longer sock - keep up the good work Jan.

Melinda said...

A very inspiring post Jan. You always have good words of wisdom!