Wednesday, October 31, 2007

sock challenges

It's hard to find cute pink socks, so it was pretty thrilling when Daphne from the Knittery agreed to put out a pink colourway.
If you're in melbourne, and keen on picking up a skein for $22.50 (happy to meet in the city) let me know, otherwise my challenge will be knitting 10 or so pairs of pink cashmere socks (which would be tough, but definitely could live with such a problem...).

Indie Dyers such as The Knittery, A Swell Yarn Shop and Yarnnerd has me totally suckered into the concept of dyeing yarn, particularly sock yarn.

Love the concept of the duet sock from a Swell Yarn shop:

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My challenges are:
- get in touch with the nerd, and get some background on his setup for dyeing.
- have a good read of dyeing to knit
- get the yarn and dyes, and start playing
- dye a colorway for emme elephantcloud and knit a pair of basic socks for xmas
- knit a pair of cookiea twisted flower socks found via flintknits who's doing hers in sundara sock yarn
- and should there be time, vivienne westwood rocks our world, and these socks...we want a pair!
- given the reviews of cat bordhi's book "new pathways for sock knitters", it might come in handy...

Westwood Socks
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kgirl said...

great socks! (both yours' and Ms Westwoods'!)

Rose Red said...

What kgirl said! Love the concept of the duet socks, what a great idea!