Wednesday, October 17, 2007

F.O. OMG what large feet he has

Oh what big feet he has - my brother-in-law
One year and one week late wedding present, and counting.....

Size 11!!!!!! They are even too big form my LARGE sock blockers.
I have just cast on my sister's pair - her feet are smaller than mine so they shouldn't take too long.

here is a close up of the G "heart" G motif I designer and swatched a few time
They were knitted on 2.5mm needles
Patons Patonyle which has started to ball a little bit - but it is so nice to knit with.
And the most wonderous peacock heel in action again - a current favorite

I am just itching to knit some lace socks.......

SO over plain knitting.

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Rose Red said...

Oh my, what big feet he has! Your sister's socks will fly by in comparison!