Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Its a funny thing, I was standing around at Ikea, waiting for one of my offspring to choose a picture frame, and I realised I had time and was doing nothing, lucky for me my ISE4 pal had sent me a nifty little bag for carrying around attached to the strap of my handbag (and for me this is a lose description, its usually callico/handpainted and full of "stuff"). Anyhow out came the knitting, and no longer bored.

By breakfast today I finished the second star toe, and at work I have on my yummy blue stocking stitch socks. (really basic sock recipe, 64 sts, 2.5mm circ, magic loop)

The Jaywalkers are about 1/3 through the second sock, so if I have a quiet weekend they should be done next.

Cheers, Gemma

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