Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'll show this yarn who's boss

I decided I would not let my twisty yarn beat me. I cast on again and knitted slowly, taking care to avoid twist. This colour is so fresh, I really love it. As I knitted I was thinking of names for the socks. I had decided on Granny Smith socks because of the similarity to the colour of those apples.

I wear a lot of footlet type socks so that's what these were planned to be. New technique to me for the short row heels. I usually double wrap and pick up the wraps and knit them together with the stitch. This time I followed someone's suggestion of picking up the wraps from the knit side only, knitting the stitch by itself and then passing the loops over. Picking up from only the knit side makes both heels identical but was a PITA to do on the purl row.

Round the heel and back down the foot. Lovely even stripes. Then I noticed the pooling starting. I don't mind some, but not with those lovely, even, narrow stripes. So this yarn is going back in the stash, pronto. It may be a hat or scarf or something, somewhere well down the track.

I'll finish the second sock I'm doing for my youngest grandson and add to Christmas presents.

pass the slipped stitch over

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Bells said...

Granny Smith seems like the perfect name for those. How lovely!