Monday, October 15, 2007

and again.

So yesterday i made this:
how fast is Opal 6-ply! Holy mother! it's the Chameleon colourway for my monkey.. and even with proper long legs and the full requirement of rib (a sign of deep love as i hate ribbing.. well knitting it. love wearing it.) it took a day. it was a sunday, but it wasnt the only thing i did all day so i'm pretty darn pleased with it!
So that brings my week two total to 2.5
Running total: 6.5

You can't stop progress :D


kms said...

someone is going to have to nobble you, ms spider :)

Taphophile said...

Hey, kms, yesterday she dyed two large skeins of yarn and spun with me for 3 hours and still she finished an entire sock. She cannot be stopped, and we really wouldn't want her to. :)

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Excuse me while I pick my chin up off the floor.