Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am in Love

After many stops and starts, the second pair of socks shows some progress. For more info on this sock's progress, see here.


Rose Red said...

I love this colour, pattern and yarn - and it matches the card perfectly!!

I couldn't see on your blog what the pattern is though - because I'd love to add it to my (never-ending) queue!

gemma said...

As Rose says, they are a lovely shade of yarn, and so neat.
Beautiful work.

happyspider said...

Excellent pattern choice for that yarn - yummo!

Ann said...

The colors are gorgeous & the pattern too!

Bells said...

Oh yeah. Lovely. I can totally see why you are in love! Good work!

kgirl said...

that is a truly magnificent match of pattern and yarn.

I love the way the dark shade of the colourway is at the base of the flower motif, it gives a lovely depth to the lacework.

Is that one of those patterns that is for STR clubbers only?