Saturday, October 13, 2007

A series of unfortunate events

A ripping yarn.

First it was pomatomus - too holey. Then it was Donyale's sock - too holey. Then it was the snicket sock - too holey.

I resisted, but doing so was, as they say, futile. I had to go right down to the 2mm.

Most of this was done on 2 circulars, but I don't like the rhythm of the knit on 2 circulars. (Don't ask). So I've gone back to the slower but more satisfying 4 dpns.

I hope you don't mind waiting because this might take a while.


Rose Red said...

There is something to be said for the rhythm of knitting socks isn't there? At the moment I'm trying magic loop (quite like it) and a 30cm circular (not so sure). I still like my dpns though.

missfee said...

:( shame about the rhythm on the two circulars - it took me a while to get it - a few pairs that is - and now I love it. Persist for a bit it might get better - sometime new things take a while. happy knitting

magwitch said...

Sorry! I was snickering a bit when I read this but also sympathising. I've just done much the same with my Ice Creams this week so I feel your pain. I'll probably post tomorrow so you can snicker at me as well. I've tried two circs as but just can't get it right so back to the trusty dpns it is.

gusseting said...

enquiring minds need to know - what's that mindnumbing pink ball of yarn that you have there?