Monday, October 15, 2007

second pair started

Gentleman's Fancy Sock
Knitting Vintage Socks
(Nancy Bush)

When SSS started, I set myself a personal challenge of a pair a fortnight, but as always, I remain realistic that I may need to do other things during that time (like sleep, let's say?)

My first pair made it right on time, and I'm hoping these will be done by the end of October. It's a very simple alternating rib pattern, so should knit up quickly.

The yarn is The Knittery's Merino 4ply sock, in Passionfruit, and the colours are a treat!


Bells said...

oh that looks very, very cool. I've seen that colourway before and I love it.

Rose Red said...

This is a great pattern - it was the first pair of socks I made with sock yarn and little sticks - took me forever!!
Love yours - the colour is fabulous!
(at first glance I thought you had very long and elegant toes!!)

kms said...

scrummy indeed. sleep? what is this?

happyspider said...

excellent colours.. perfect for that stitch pattern :)

OzKnitter said...

OOOO It's looking gorgeous!