Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Third pair

Progress on my third pair of socks is going rather slowly. Perhaps I have come to the end of my sock knitting frenzy. Perhaps it is too hot to knit. I think the real reason is that I am not much in love with this yarn. It's 75% wool/25% acrylic from Spotlight, but it feels very acrylic and a bit cheap. Yarn snob!

Again I'm using a basic pattern but have added a ribbed panel up the middle. Wanted a cable but it didn't really work with the yarn. The yarn has the final say!
Love Melinda


Rosie said...

I would consider myself lucky if my Spotlight even vaguely considered stocking yarn I could use for sock knitting.

Baby wool is the closest they have.

They did have the Lion Brand Magic Stripes for a little while, then sold them off cheaply to get rid of them again.

gemma said...

Its a very nice striping effect on your sock. And since Spotlight is the only place close to me with yarn its either that and make do) or internet shopping (and wait a bit).

Melinda said...

This was from Penrith Spotlight (NSW) - they seem to have diversified a lot in the last few months. They had a big sale a week or so ago and i snapped up a whole lot (oh dear)! Some of it is quite good - I just don't like this one much. But I do like the colours.