Sunday, October 14, 2007

Refrozen Icecream

Like some others recently I've had difficulty getting a good start on the next pair of socks. The original pattern I chose was obliterated by the colour changes in the wool and three other patterns in the last week have been tried and discarded because either the pattern didn't do the wool justice or the wool didn't show the pattern clearly.

Eventually I worked out (I'm not slow really!) that the wool really needed stocking stitch to show it off BUT a pair of plain socks was about the last thing I wanted to knit seeing as I already have a pair on the needles. After searching through Ravelry (I wish you could search for socks there by toe-up/cuff down categories) I finally settled on Anastasia Socks from Pepperknit. The colourway shows nicely and there's a bit of a pattern to keep me interested.

I've gone down to 2.5mm dpns as my friend has very small feet and I'm really happy with how these are going now. Considering how long it's taken, perhaps I should think about the NEXT pair of socks now.

By the way, is there anyone here who also has small feet (Australian size 4/5)? I'd be interested in knowing how long your feet are for some guidance as to when to start the heel. It would save me embarassing myself measuring shoes in a shoe shop. Thanks!


J3SS said...

just wanted to give my two cents on the ravelry thing: if you search patterns for "toe-up socks" or for "cuff-down socks" you get some pretty good results, fairly accurate and narrowed down. :)

Jan said...

I like the look of your socks. The colour suits the design.That pattern is on my list of possibilities. I did her Zokni socks shown further down. I've ripped out several designs and can't go back to my mosaic patterns till I get uninterrupted time to count.

I've finally started the crosshatch socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Looking good so far, although last week I ripped a sock which was well on the way to being finished because I wasn't satisfied with it.

Rose Red said...

I love this pattern with this yarn - will have to queue it for myself!!

Amy said...

Love how these are turning out! Beautiful work!

happyspider said...

that yarn is stunning - great pattern choice too. gorgeous. cant help you with the feet thing.. i'm a size 7.5 and i need about 14 cms from the side of the heel flap before i start toe decreases.. but it depends on the pattern. ribbed and some patterned socks are far roomier and some ST st socks need to be longer.