Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Number Six off the Sticks

Not sure when I last posted, but I've recently finished pair number 6 - Cookie A's Pomatomus using Merino from The Knittery.

I started these in Sydney before Xmas; took them to Melbourne where the missus and I holidayed for a coupla weeks, then finished them back home.

I'm now halfway along the first sock for pair number 7 - Tidal Wave Socks using Tofutsies, which I'm really enjoying!


Cygnus said...

deberías tejerme unos jeje

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Snap! My sixth pair for SSoS are Pomatomus, too!
You've done a gorgeous job - I'll be thrilled if mine turn out so well.
What a lovely soft green that Tofutsies is - if I wasn't already buried under the stuff, I'd be hassling the ladies at my LYS to get some in for me.

Rose Red said...

Love the Poms. Love the Knittery! What colour is it? Deep reds? It's lovely!