Sunday, January 6, 2008

Two socks

Had some time staying at my mum's recently so what to do of an evening when she went to bed but KNIT SOCKS.

Strange these two pics taken exactly 1 minute apart in the same spot but the colours have processed so differently. If you're familiar with with Yarncakes this is the Bruised Bloodwood colour (click on the link there as you'll see a much better example of the colour, it's gorgeous). The pattern I got on the net, called Little Shell Socks.

However ... I vow and declare from this day forward NEVER to do a pattern that has pearl three together in it again. EVER.

The second pair was a simple pattern a friend gave me, although I made the rib much wider, plus I ribbed it right down the foot and changed the toe. OMG, I'm actually changing patterns to suit myself now, when did that happen??? The pattern is from Fiber Trends, Hellen's Favorite Socks. The yarn is from Opal, and it's Ladybird or Ladybug, or something similar, I can't find the label now.

And just because I love her, here's my Molly guarding the socks!! Actually she couldn't have cared two hoots, but she kinda looks like she's on guard duty.

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Bells said...

Go Carol! You've done fabulous work and Molly is, as ever, beautiful.

I agree with you on P3tog. Yucky combination!

Rose Red said...

Great job on the socks Carol, I totally agree on the p3tog as well (urk!). Love (of course) the bruised bloodwood and also the ladybird (or whatever) yarn colour - very cool.

Ann said...

The socks are lovely & the colors are gorgeous especially the little shell socks. Great job.