Saturday, January 5, 2008

one and a bit

Yikes, I had a lovely post written and BLOGGER ate it all up. Showed it had been autosaved but there was nothing there! So here are a few details, no replcation of the longer post I had slaved over. LOL.

The first sock has been done slowly, even though it is a four stitch repeat of two rows only. It's Heirloom argyll from my stash. Bought in early 2005. The pattern is from my Knitting Stitch Bible This colour is nothing like real life. It should be a teal blue/green mix. The other photos I took were almost black in the grey light here this morning. I'm holding the sock in one hand to stretch out the pattern so it can be seen.

I like Argyll but wish the colour range was greater. I suppose these were what was considered "manly." I think I've used most of the colours in the range, but that doesn't say much, I think it's only five or six.

My eyes needed some light relief from the Argyll so yesterday I was able to find this Patonyle. The pattern is from More Sensational Knitted Socks.

The sock is deciding if it's worthwhile undoing the hammock up here on the third floor balcony or if it's too windy. Now there's a thought! I haven't tried knitting in a hammock before. May not be very comfortable.

pass the slipped stitch over

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