Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally, second pair finished!

Lacy Mock Cables, done in Fortissima/Socka yarn in some brown/tan/gray colorway which I don't have the particulars on. These were a challenge for me to make, as a beginning sock knitter. They were the first pair I made that weren't just a plain rib and they turned out pretty well. There are a few mistakes in the second sock, which I attribute to the muscle relaxants I was on while knitting it! Max, my son's Pekingese was kind enough to model them.

Next pair is already cast on and the leg and heel are done. This new pair is going much more quickly.

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Rose Red said...

Great job Carolyn! It's such a great feeling the first you do a patterned sock, isn't it! Lucky they look a bit big for Max or he might steal them from you!